Saturn Devouring His Sons

time-goya-painting.jpg (398 KB)

by Francisco Goya
More about it here:

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    Ewww… this is a HORRIBLE painting! I really don’t like it! I believe I saw another painting by Goya in a newspaper picture (it looks to be the same artist) with an image of a man devouring a child… Clearly, this man had issues!


    Sorry, the other painting was by Peter Paul Rubens. Even though it’s based a story about the eventual overthrowing of Saturn by one of his sons so he devoured each new born at birth. Yeah, fun stuff people! Now we have TWO men with issues and a big plus to whomever wrote the myth!


    Are you fucking retarded?


    Wow it’s gross but I kind of like it.
    I hope that doesn’t make me sick.


    [Obligatory post]
    [/Obligatory Post]

    Doctor Thompson

    wow, orion333 you completely missed the point. Goya paints pictures that you are supposed to hate.He is a master at creating works that unsettle, and make you uncomfortable.


    Ah, this brings back memories of AP Art History back in high school…

    I made an illustrated short story, in which each painting is part of the plot, and this painting fit in quite well.

    We also had a pointless project at the end of the semester, where, among other things, we could photoshop paintings in creative ways. Oh, the things Saturn devoured. ^_^


    Don’t worry, they got better.

    Seriously, Saturn puked them up and they were fine.


    Well, as uninformed as theoriontrinity sounds, Goya indeed had mental issues, among other health problems. Add having his creativity and boldness in the traditional catholic Spain in that period and being invaded by Napoleonic troops and you have explanation for his tormented paintings.

    Check his Caprichos, specially the iconic “The Sleep of Reason produces Monsters” (el sueño de la razón produce monstruos).


    No, Dr. Thompson, I believe I got the point because I hate it!


    theoriontrinity333: theoriontrinity333: Listen spaz: No one cares what your girly limp-wristed cry-fit reactions to famous works of art/famous ancient myths. Take your Ritalin and fuck of this site.


    Saturn is the planet the Jews worship knowingly or not and Jupiter is the planet named after them, how fitting for the Roman mythological story portrayed by Goya. Sounds like they knew who was behind the Wars. Saturn is the planet associated with blood-lust after all.


    there is something like this as part of the Shogun album art if anyone cares


    EVIL ILLUMINATI: Excuse me? Are you just trying to be as ridiculous as possible or do you get a kick out of irrational conspiracy talk.


    theoriontrinity333: you sir, turn idiot into a verb. stop idioting everywhere.
    next time you see something that unsettles you like this picture does, don’t just bleat out your gut reaction, like an infant crying at a scary face.
    Dig deep and realize that the only thing keeping those crazy eyes from being your eyes, that paranoid face from being yours, is a thin threshold of sanity. If you understood genius at all, you’d know that dancing on that line is how you make real art, and you’d keep your neutered opinions about the topic quiet


    I’m was in Madrid yesterday and how eerie to see both these pictures posted at the exact same time I was (well, +/- a few hours) as when I was walking through the Prado actually looking at both the Goya and the Reubens versions of “Saturn” in real life.


    The thing about this: Goya did not actually title this one. In fact, this is actually a picture of the wall of his final house, he painted directly into the plaster. I too have seen this in Madrid, along with the other Black Paintings of Goya, which I feel deserve posts as well, Old People Eating, El Gran Cabrón( el alquilarre), there are more, but I don’t remember their names.

    But yeah, this isn’t actually a painting of Saturn eating his children, it’s just a painting that 70 year old Goya did on his wall.

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