Sarah Palin Drops Puck

Sarah+Palin+Drops+Ceremonial+Puck+NHL+Game+BtInyJQ8q4Ql.jpg (98 KB)

I wonder if she will be booed again, when she drops the puck tonight for the LA Kings@ St. Louis Blues game.

Pretty sure “hockey moms” wear hockey jerseys to games.

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    I wonder how much that coat cost?


    i’d like to drop a puck right in that whore’s face.
    I wonder if she tried to suck Gomez’s dick b/c he’s from Anchorage. Richards…. good CDN boy. nuff said.


    Dear Guy in the Top Right, you win. Sincerely, Finn.

    tiki god

    diabeetus: sounds like you haven’t had a bit of education.


    tiki god: sounds like you’ve been suckered by Obama.


    The NHL should never involve itself in political matters. Bettman already believes league revenues will increase despite the economic recession. I think they are ass-kissing for votes and PR. The thing is: the evangelists don’t answer telephone polls and have been the swing vote since Nixon so the Republicans have nothing to worry about.


    I’m still just shocked that Diabeetus doesn’t support Obama. Well, that’s it, election’s over.

    tiki god

    diabeetus: Sounds like someone is about to get kicked the fuck off my website.

    Luke Magnifico

    How exciting!


    Please kick Diabeetus off, Tiki! plz!!!! Everyone here hates Diabeetus. 🙂

    Is it just me, or do the Hockey Players look like they really want to ‘accidentally’ smack Palin in the kisser with their sticks? The one is like, “Gee, I wonder how much I would get sued by the bitch if I hit her. . .”


    tiki god: ¯\(°_o)/¯

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