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mhm.. Good band.

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    Opeth fucking rules. WIN.

    Alec Dalek

    Why do douche bag musicians think they’re the first to think of doing the disinterested look in pictures & album covers? I guess they don’t have much creativity.


    I own every single album(including the original candlelight records pressing) minus the roundhouse dapes. I also have My Arms Your Hearse on Vinyl.

    tiki god

    I like them very much

    tiki god

    AlecDalek: I think you’re picking up on something that’s in every single musician’s images.

    it might have something to do with the fact that they could give a shit about pictures, they’re musicians after all 😉


    AlecDalek: Yeah, because looking happy, sad, or angry would be *SO* much more original and all-out better.

    Granted, I’ve never seen a band picture where the members all look scared. Feel free to try it out and let us see the results.


    Anyways, I’ve got about 8 hours’ worth of Opeth, but I haven’t given it much listening. It’s on my to-listen list…


    I saw them last month in Milwaukee, they were fucking amazing.

    Alec Dalek

    tiki god: Ok, forget creativity. How about variety?


    AlecDalek: Tell that to Brahms or Dostoevsky. And man, Chopin and Liszt – what emos!


    @Alec Dalek, I get what you are plugging in to. Really. The first thing I thought when I saw this pic was, “and it’s another black & white band pic album cover or poster. Haven’t I seen this before?” That said, However, After 50 years of album cover art and photo shoots of bands, there really isn’t an “original” way to promote a band. Even going surreal and not directly related is old hat (think Velvet Underground, or Fleetwood Mac’s Then Play On (what does that have to do with the album?). Bands that try to have an orinigal “hook”… Read more »


    Gunface01: I’d agree with you, but your statement kind of implies that the other guys WEREN’T geniuses. =/

    Anyways, I was kind of just using Chopin’s macabre photograph to illustrate to AlecDalek that facial expressions in photos don’t matter all that much. 😐

    But, yes. Chopin sho is shupah. Fa sho.


    WistfulD: To be fair, there is *one* look that has is largely uncharted territory in the realm of band photography: Constipation.


    Pretentious, self-indulgent fags, more like.


    Seriously, you want to hear some awesome progressive extreme metal, list to Death. Schuldiner & Co. stomp all over these hippy douchebags.


    Opeth is your favorite band and you call Death boring? Really? Whatever, you go enjoy your shitty music and some of that amazing crack you’re smoking, I’ll be over hear listening to the good stuff.

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