Maris Pacifici

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The Maris Pacifici is believed to be the first printed map of the Pacific. It was published in Abraham Ortelius’ 1589 Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, considered to be the first true modern atlas.

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    It’s kind of amusing to see the hugely out of whack proportions on the land masses on the old maps. I can understand why, they were going purely off travel logs of sailing captains, but it’s still funny to see.


    Especialy Terra Australia . . . HAHAH


    Beautiful maps, I’ve got a few reproductions from his atlas on my walls.
    I’m a nerd for all this cartography stuff.

    : At one stage Cuba was mistaken for mainland America 😉


    Now all of you know where I live, Restiga de Ladrones! 85 degrees year-round, two seasons…wet then dry.

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