Headless Prom Queen Halloween Costume

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This is a Halloween costume we made for my daughter: the Headless Prom Queen. The town I live in has a parade & costume judging contest for the kids. She took first place…. well, for her age group. But! one of the judges told us, if they could have picked an overall winner for the day, it would have been her. The stares and laughs she got were priceless. She had a blast. And no, she’s not some crazy freak kid; last year she was a princess, the year before a bumble bee.

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    Wow, took my a couple of seconds to realize it’s a children’s costume.

    I hope she didn’t tilt her head like that the entire day. 😐


    you have one rad daughter.


    Hahah, one of the dopest costumes I’ve ever seen.


    I’ve seen the idea before, but I’m just as amazed by your version! LOVE IT! And I love the fact that you have such a cool daughter, and that you are such a cool parent. Everything doesn’t have to be all pink and lovely all the time!

    The other costume for those who haven’t seen it: www.baraskit.se/random/archive/67/scary_outfit.html


    That is a FANTASTIC costume 🙂 and big props for being a cool parent!


    Wow! That’s way cool. I wish my parents were more imaginative… I was always a witch, a vampire or a clown. I wonder if they were trying to tell me something? LOL!


    That… is… AWESOME!


    Great execution!
    (So to speak…)


    Reproduction? On MY MCS?

    purple banana

    She looks like she had fun! Although I bet her neck might have been sore from tilting it a lot, as shown in the first few pics.

    Alec Dalek

    THIS. This is what Halloween is all about. I hoped it freaked out the squares!


    I wonder if my son’s school would have even allowed something like that.

    My son decided he wants to be a “valley girl” this year. I took him shopping to get the majority of his costume together and pushed him towards a new wave valley girl look rather than a “clueless” look, since new wave will be way more comfortable to run around in (and imo looks better).


    Oh, and that costume freakin’ rules!


    I have a thing for crazy freak kids…


    Oh and wigger in pic #1 is uber fail. I mean it’s not like he’s even in the city.


    Wow… That is an great costume… Had to do a double take to figure out how you pulled it off… 😉


    Looks like she was in it to win it, GRATS man! This is AWESOME.


    That is so awesome!! How did you make the neck part?

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