Yamaha Midnight Star

xvs1300a.JPG (243 KB)

This is my new 2008 Yamaha Midnight Star (V-Star 1300 , or XVS1300A)
The bike rides beautifully. For the price, it’s one heck of a
monster. I have nothing against Harley or American bikes, and
will own one eventually. The girl posing on the bike is a good
friend of mine. The purpose of the pic is the leather jacket
she is wearing. A friend in Argentina makes leather/fur goods.
They sent me some and requested some photos so I did a photoshoot
and decided this picture was probably worth posting.

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    needs moar boobs


    Nice ride.


    Nice ride. The bike’s cool too.

    Special Kail

    I don’t know what’s uglier, the bike, the girl, or the jacket.

    Since when does a black tanktop hide boobs???



    walther, i’m gonna have to go ahead and verify that.

    have her stop by my house this evening and i’ll examine the goods to see if there are adequate levels of boobage


    Nate wouldn’t know what to do with boobs if he had a set of instructions and a mission statement.


    Brown leather on a black bike? ixnay!

    Special Kail

    I’m sorry I didn’t realize we were on Survivor: Douchebag. I guess you win, and are the douchebag.


    Pics of boobs or they didn’t happen.


    The machine looks dope, I guess the woman as well, but the jacket?

    Wouldn’t wear it if you paid me.


    Say thats a nice bike

    Does it come in Black?

    aka Dark Knight

    Special Kail

    garbledxmission: I believe you mean, “tits or GTFO!” lulz


    Special Kail:
    Pics or it didn’t happen is also a perfectly acceptable annoying internet meme.


    Also, the boobs like fine to me.


    dieAntagonista: I kinda like the jacket. I’d have to see it on me of course, so (Walther) you can just go ahead and send it to me.


    Your bike is awsome- and more well built then a harley. I think you’ll be surprised after riding it for awhile- it has much more comfort and balls then a harley. all i’m saying- take a few test drives befor you buy new harley. The older fat boy is my fav.


    WaltherKid: Save lives- True. Cobras are good. I hav them on my Honda shadow. Im about to sell some screaming eagles on ebay that somebody dumped in the trash. a free $100 for me.


    nyokki: I like the colour, but other than that, it looks so big. And the pocket doesn’t look very practical. You’d have to grab your own boobs every time you’d want to put something in.


    WaltherKid: Ah I see. Ok then it looks pretty decent I guess.
    Well people gotta earn their money somehow right.


    Loud pipes save lives? Yeah, thats why you bought them I am sure.. nothing to do with the image or being cool or anything.

    Do you have a fluro yellow helmet or ride in hiz-viz gear? That might save your life too and it wont annoy innocent people sitting in their houses who pose no threat to you at all. I bet you dont do that though.

    As you say, sorry neighbors… they get to suffer because you choose to ride a bike and then pretend making it louder is a safety feature.

    What a joke.

    I’ve nothing against bikes – I’ve had a lot over the years. But I dont like loud bikes because its just completely rude to disturb the peace of others unnecessarily. And I especially don’t like people who try to disguise their selfishness as a safety feature.



    ^ Sorry – Flappy


    The idea that loud pipes save lives is sheer ignorance. The only time people can hear loud pipes that are approaching them from behind is when they’re basically stopped. On the freeway or surface streets, while in motion, you can not hear them until the bike is almost besides you… and then it’s blasting your ear drums while they’re in front of you.

    Smart riding saves lives. If we educated our drivers more before giving them licenses, that might also save some lives.

    (i HATE HATE HATE the loud pipe saves lives claim… fucking pisses me off…)

    Beyond all that, congrats on the bike.

    I wouldn’t want to crash in that jacket.



    Several people make the points very well on that page (so i can be lazy and don’t have to type them).


    outofocus: mimic:
    How many years you been riding? yep..
    so hey guys.. FUCK YOU!



    25 years here. So try and apply some logic instead of being so dismissive.



    Hmmm, well I still don’t buy the safety feature argument. But you’ve provided a reasonable and polite defense so fair play to you.

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