XBOX RRoD Jack O’ Latern

RROD.jpg (201 KB)

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    hey, I posted this pic too!!! 😉


    For us XBOX owners, that’s actually a frightening image. You’re not even allowed to mention a RROD within earshot of my 360.
    Bad juju!

    *spins 3 times counter-clockwise and spits*

    tiki god

    my xbox redringed last night 🙁


    Sweet. Complete with Red Ring of Death and everything.


    I’m so sorry, tiki.



    My Xbox has been broken for some time. The damn thing won’t read the disks. I actually have to pay to have it fixed now.With how often they all brake, should be free.


    I was terrified until I realized that I own a PS3, then I let out a long sigh of relief.


    my advice on where to buy your xbox 360: Costco. if you, your parents, or a friend, has a membership, go buy a 360 there. my local store always has the pro in stock as well as a small selection on recent games. the best part is their return policy: any reason, any time. for some reason they dont count the 360 with the rest of their electronics that have a 90 day return… recently i returned my 20 gig pro because the cable wasn’t playing any sound… they gave me full money back (i chose store credit), even though the 360 had been discounted sense i bought mine. i used that money and went into the store and bought a brand new 60 gig, same price 8 months after i got my original one… free upgrade.

    <3 costco


    I’ve been through 5 Xbox 360s. I eventually just fixed it myself. No problems since.


    Shooped. Pixels, etc…

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