Tiki God!

tiki.jpg (939 KB)

Was looking in the drink menu at Sam’s By The Sea here on Okinawa, had to snap a pic of this for Tiki!
Look, Tiki! Only 700 yen! (735 after tax! :P)
Shame this isn’t one of the drinks where you got to keep the cup, otherwise I might have ordered one.

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    But is it filled with Jack Daniels?


    Rum and oranges, actually.


    MCS WIN!


    Holy fish and chips! That place is still open? I was there 73 to 76. My dad used to take me there friday nights after the inter-squad softball games. It was all you can eat fish and chips out on the deck, but you had to finish(or make disappear) the fries before you got a new plate. I made a lot of seagulls very fat…..


    Yup, Sam’s has to be one of the best places on island. Been here the majority of my life, I should know. Funny enough, my Grandpa has been on this island for so dang long that he knows Sam and his sons. I prefer Sam’s Anchor Inn but thats me. Plus I like the Shisa glass you get to take home when you order that drink. Mmmmmm Teppenyaki…

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