This not a Halloween costume

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    May not be a costume, but its kick ass!! Buckethead’s badass! XD


    Saw him in concert last fall. He kicks ass with nunchucks.


    Level of schtick is generally a pretty good indicator of how much to avoid a musician. I will never listen to this man ever.

    Enjoy your heroes playing dress up at the age of 40, rockists


    Or way to be an ignorant cunt, Caio.
    Buckethead is the greatest guitarist alive.


    lol Caio. Your loss!


    Who is this man. Don’t tell me his name is really buckethead


    dieAntagonista: It is, but if you’re not as ignorant as Caio you’ll give his guitar skills a listen.


    I have been lurking at this site for years but have never needed to post before.

    OMFG Caio way to make the single most ignorant post I have ever had the misfortune of reading.

    Buckhead has played with Guns & Roses, Primus, Fish and about a thousand other bands your mother wishes she slept with.

    And the whole point of the KFC bucket on head is so ignorant judgemental fucks will jump to the wrong conclusion and not have the privledge of witnessing a master wield his weapon.

    So hook, line, and sinker bro. How’s it feel to have the decision making abilites of a atlantic stripped bass?


    Dreth: Alright then. It better be good.


    He’s as good as he is weird, Soothsayer is probably one of my favourite songs ever.


    buckethead SHREDS!


    I think I met this guy in passing at a chanology raid in london.

    KFC and bucket hats were had by many


    I like his solo albums, but it’s actually his playing on the first 3 or so Praxis albums I find myself listening to the most. Anyone who turns down the job playing guitar for Ozzy because the Ozzman won’t let him wear a bucket on his head is definitely a nutjob…but he’s a brilliant nutjob.



    Great guitarists are a dime a dozen. I could probably name you two hundred dudes that have been called ‘greatest guitarist ever’ ‘greatest guitarist alive’. And typically that’s a reflection of their technical skill rather than weather they can play enjoyable music

    You know, I’m fucking sick of guitar. And I’m sick of rockist schtick. Why can’t people just play fucking music without putting buckets on their head?


    i agree with Ciao. Buckets on heads is pretty silly. Eric Clapton was/possibly still is better than this guy and he accomplished it all without a bucket.


    you’re all fucking stupid.

    teh lolrus wants his bukkit bak.


    The bucket is being taken into consideration here ONLY BECAUSE Caio decided to dismiss him as a musician because of said bucket.

    We’re not admiring his bucket, just his guitar skills, he just happens to have a bucket on his head.

    tiki god

    bigdogofbria: I love you.

    and yeah I agree with Caio: “great” guitarists are a dime a dozen. This guy is a step above them imho.

    This was actually my introduction to him:


    buckethead was only good for one thing: introducing me to Saul Williams via Three Fingers.

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