The Unknown???

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This was a seed that was thrown into my garden of veggies…wtf? thanks.

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    30 Responses ttto The Unknown???

    1. dieAntagonista says:


    2. Tyger42 says:

      Well, not so lucky if the wrong people notice it. :p

    3. natedog says:

      so you genetically engineer this plant:

      but someone threw a gnarly seed into your garden?


    4. MonkeyHitman says:

      nice man make a plantation 😀 science fair project anyone ?

    5. KyrusRose says:

      Sorry.. they look nothing alike. This looks like the stuff my mother use to grow in the front yard.

    6. Moe says:

      @natedog: Yes- thats what happens when you have property and friends- something you don’t? Weed isn’t the only thing i can grow… I just didn’t think a pic of lettuce was something for MCS..would you like to see my carrot? i can post them like lindsy Lohan if you’d like..

    7. Camiam321 says:

      some mysterious stranger earned some karma points for that one.

      My high school biology teacher had a whole garden in the back of his room, and told us the story of how he noticed a little plant growing that didn’t belong with the rest of the plants. He waited to find out who had the balls to sneak in a pot plant in a teacher’s garden and come back to harvest it, but no one showed. At this point, his story trailed off, and I can only assume it was because he didn’t want to answer what he did with the plant.

      I say he smoked it.

    8. natedog says:

      yeah, faggot.

      your ‘veggie garden’ has no veggies in it.

      i dont believe you have a carrot. enjoy your orange butt plug

    9. Moe says:

      @natedog: How did you know- have you?

    10. Disgustipater says:

      I work for a timber company and it is funny how often our security guy comes to me asking for aerial maps for places that people have started plantations on our property.

    11. mintymadness says:


      I don’t think my brain can handle anymore of your retardedness. Of everyone I see post on MCS, you are by far the most idiotic. Everytime you say something you sound like a little wanna-be, eminem jamming, punk ass, ignornant KID.
      Game over. Please deposit 25 cents to continue.

    12. natedog says:

      Nowadays everybody wanna talk like they got somethin to say
      But nothin comes out when they move their lips; just a bunch of gibberish
      And motherfuckers act like they forgot about Nate

    13. Moe says:

      @mintymadness: I call it, ” Out-stupided you”- thats what he does. The complete 180 to out-smart you. For exaple “your ‘veggie garden’ has no veggies in it.” this statement is retarded- i just told him about pics of lettuce- what does he think is in the background? greenscreen? He is ignorant, and probably googles every word to make sure its spelled right. right now hes googleing”butt plug”.

    14. Moe says:

      The REAL N8dawg knows his shit- you don’t. KID!

    15. natedog says:

      lulz. moar liek out troll’d you.

      you really contend that the plants in the background of this pic are lettuce?

      (hey faggort, that little red squiggly line under your words means it is misspelled. you don’t have to google that shit.)

    16. Drew says:

      people this stuff is bad. you make jesus cry when you do it. i have christ in me, do you?

    17. Moe says:

      I love you drew.

    18. TheLotusEater725 says:

      HI JESUS! How goes the framing of Armageddon?


      Harvest and cure that shit and come over to my house. I’ll tell you what it is.

    19. Drew says:

      sorry everyone, jesus isn’t in me, i was just high as shit when i said that. great pic!

    20. barwitch says:

      Some seeds found their way over to my mothers garden from the garden of a neighbor one yard away one year and my mom gave me crap figuring id planted it as a joke…lol… he used to take christmas card pics in front of his crops with his cat in a santa hat.

      good times.

      when i was a teenager, someone in Woodstock Ontario planted pot in the hanging planters around the new (at the time) OPP station. I think they got up pretty tall before someone realized they werent part of the approved landscaping. They went away after that…

    21. Moe says:

      @thelotuseater725: Trimmed, cut and cured- had some last weekend and last night- its pretty heady. Light sweet taste. Made my eyes heavy and blasted. 7 grams is what i got off this, that was “approvable”.. and 8 grams off the afgan X Trainwreak- it came out a lot fluffier. This was dense.
      @Drew: You shouldn’t lie.. Buddhas all up in your grill!!.

    22. Moe says:

      I’m down with OPP. Ottawas tite..

    23. TheLotusEater725 says:

      Good god why such a low yield?

    24. Moe says:

      Why@thelotuseater725: ? Because over an oz is four years. thats why. Fight for your freedom.

    25. Moe says:

      well, cured and smoked- it was goooooood. workin on a mostly sativa right now- about three weeks to go.anyone else have some of there OWN pics? shame..

    26. Moe says:

      This was the Cheese- seed. mmmm good smell.

    27. MonkeyHitman says:

      this is what you invest your future in?

    28. Dreth says:

      What future? Stop giving him hopes.

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