North Korean Highway

North Korean Highway.jpg (61 KB)

taken during rush hour

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    and that easy-up down the road is a military check point- if you don’t have the right papers.. BANG! your dead. Great Government.

    Special Kail

    It’s really good to see a country doing their part against pollution.


    great tags (particularly “kim jong mentally ill” – i like the pun on his name)

    i guess i dont know enough about north korea. why are there such massive roads if no one drives on them? did people drive on them before, and now they dont, or were these roads just built to be built?


    I would imagine Kim Il-Sung built them as a way to wave his exceptionally tiny penis around to the western world. Of course, since all but a chosen few people in that country are desperately poor and can’t afford cars (or even the food energy to ride bicycles) their highways atrophy… not that the country itself has the money to fix it anyway. So it works out.

    At least it’ll come in handy after reunification.


    I listen to a interview of a IAEA inspector and he said that when he got to the site he was inspecting everyone was pushing bicycles around, yet no one was riding. He found out that the NK government brought thousands of bikes for the people who lived around the power plant and forced them to use the bikes every time they went out, just to impress the inspectors. The problem was none of North Koreans ever saw, or had, a bike before and didn’t know how to ride, but would have been punished if they didn’t take them.

    I have feeling this “highway” was built for the same reason, not for it’s people, but to impress others on how great their “worker’s paradise” is.

    As for reunification, it will never happen. South Korean doesn’t want North Korea’s debt or their malnourished, under-educated people and China doesn’t want a larger, westernized, successful Korean on their border.


    high waaay to hell, im on a high waaay to hell…


    gor: None of them figured it out?


    Communism is fun… anyways- does anyone remember when bush signed a treaty with NK to stop making a Nuke. In turn “WE” gave them 1 BILLION barrels of oil. ..makes you think. you know, with gas prices- and bush/oil families. And the fact that this wasn’t HEADLINE news. makes me sick.


    Reunification of Korea isn’t an “if”, it’s a “when”… cultural heritage and sentimentality are much stronger than financial concerns. West Germany’s STILL paying to rebuild the east and it’s been 18 years now, but after the wall fell there really wasn’t a question of doing it.


    The reason why the roads are so wide is probably for military transport. Tanks, large trucks, etc, etc.


    That’s not the attitude my south Korean friends have. It’s really a whole different situation.

    Also, West Germany paid for East Germany to keep them all from fleeing to the west side and crashing the economy. It wasn’t purely a ‘friendship move,’ and many west Germans are/were still resentful. I saw were, as they pay almost nothing now and the program is practically finished. (Not that it matters, but I’ve lived in both Sachsen – East Germany, & Badem-Württemberg – West Germany in the last 9 years).

    Ich kann alles. Außer Hochdeutsch. 😉


    It’s bigger then highways in California….


    I didn’t say there wouldn’t be a lot of resentment or resistance… I just said that it’ll happen. Once the government in North Korea finally collapses and the DMZ disappears, the momentum will be too great to stop. The void will have to be filled with SOMETHING, and I doubt the South Koreans or their Western allies will want it to be China. Also, the rest of the world will probably help chip in to rebuild the North post-reunification, grateful that there’s one less nutbag in the world with his finger on any kind of red button.


    @nyokki, I guess not, the IAEA inspector (he was on NPR or BBC World, not sure which) said they only pushed around the bikes because they didn’t know how to ride them. As you can see by this photo, even this person is walking the bike, not riding it.

    , I wouldn’t use the Germany model for comparing North Korean and South Korean. East Germans were educated, healthy and industrious (even though their infrastructure was 30 behind the West Germans, it still worked). North Koreans are extremely uneducated, they are not capable of providing for any of their basic needs and they are so severely malnourished that not only is the average size of a male 4’10” (145 cm) and under 100lbs (45kg) (as compared to the 5’8″ (174cm) 163 lbs(73kg) South Korean males), but their IQ has been greatly reduced (don’t go by NK’s “offical” IQ published, they only used their “gifted” studies for their test).

    I’m sure everyone will help out when, or if, North Korean collapses, but I don’t see South Korean taking on a situation that would ruin them and I don’t see China allowing a unified Korea to compete against.


    During World War Z, The North Koreans will disappear and no one will bother looking for them.


    A long, but interesting first-hand account of one man’s year working in North Korea can be found here. Truly a very strange country indeed.

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