Crowded Aircraft Carrier

Aircraft Carrier.jpg (89 KB)

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    That’s actually a pretty light aircraft load


    There’s plenty more underneath the flight deck.


    f-14 -the one million dollar whoops. F-18s kick ass. looks smalls from above.


    SimTek: Probably not, actually. It looks like they are doing Carrier Quals, in which case the Tomcats are probably the only fixed-wings aboard. Reasons for thinking they are doing CQs include: two CAG-painted aircraft, no backup Hawkeye, and no other planes spotted (the rest of the air wing won’t fit below) when flight ops haven’t started yet. So, there probably isn’t an air wing aboard, and these are pilots from more than one squadron who took advantage of a couple of days of deck availability to punch some tickets.


    They kind of look like birds that are tucking their wings.


    Umm.. semen tag? Sheesh.. The squadron guys aren’t nearly as pussy-deprived and thus man-struck (or even shower-baby prone) as the ship’s company.. Especially during CQs as chris suggests.

    @Cunt.. WTF are you talking about? The buffalos cost a million a piece.. The ‘cat? Hardly a failure. Your comment was though.


    22 Tomcats? That boat could probably have beaten Nazi Germany all by itself, from the Baltic Sea.

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