A Wonderful World

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    My hands are crazy cold right now. All I can think of is the racket they would make if I tried to warm my hands up on all those tummies. It would sound like a box of cats falling down stairs.


    that don’t have maps


    Mouths open- they’re ready..


    Oh Canada- yikes- Id go for China- shes hot.


    Flappycunt: srsly Canada is a man right?


    It’s like Pokemon in Castle Anthrax — Gotta spank ’em all!

    /and then, the oral sex


    Just 9 shy of 72 “virgins.”

    /had to add that


    Nom nomn nom Nicaragua. And New Zealand, Noway, and Israel. Around the world in 80 Noms.


    I like how Georgia doesn’t look as fake as Russia.

    Special Kail

    combined iq = 9.



    and so on.


    That’s quite a cunning row of stunts.


    This pic of models = hot air balloon. Thats a lot of hot air.

    Alec Dalek

    They cut off Sweden, so this doesn’t belong on the internet.


    Ten e-cookies to anyone who can remind me of who Canada looks like. I can’t think of his name (or his face) but I definitely DO recognize that jaw!

    Anyways, are there an full pictures? With all the girls?

    Lastly, I’d like to see some international “diplomacy” going on.


    yawn: Michael Phelps?


    Helloooooooo Nicaragua. Malaysia tooo


    Damn, Belgium looks like she’s a crack whore.


    The black chicks are uber fail.


    I think Germany could have definitely done better.

    Anyways, I want see see the other countries. =/


    Ok if this is from the 2007 contest, China won.

    casemods: Are you kidding, I was gonna say that Ethiopia looks best.


    dieAntagonista: I actually just viewed the larger image, and I must say, these have to be the ugliest representatives of their countries I have ever seen, and the black chicks are even worse then the rest.


    I think it’s just because they all have really goofy facial expressions. But Ghana definitely is…big.

    Gary Generic

    Canada looks like the crazy cat-faced lady you see on Fark all the time….with anorexia.

    Or maybe the older sister in Pet Semetary?

    Yes? No?


    For me, it would have to be tied between Israel or Iceland.
    thats all i can remember really…….. and on that note:


    Australia looks like the only good face.


    Miss Germany is totally fail…

    it’s hard to say that as a german but if your neighbourhood has a handful of better looking girl in it you might ask yourself who owns enough money to pay for her win


    Columbia with the abs…


    btw nice haircut can be seen in the left upper corner;)


    casemods: dieAntagonista: I was thinking that only the black chicks looked normal. maybe it’s just a bad photo but all the white chicks look pasty-faced w/ really stupid vapid expressions; perhaps too much make-up for daytime in a bikini.


    MeisterSk8: Sie sieht eigentlich echt hübsch aus. Das Bild ist halt nur mies.


    Hey dieantagonista i noticed you’re a determinist who prides yourself on anger and speaks german

    you ain’t one of those nazis are ya?


    nyokki: It’s a combination really, of all the things you mentioned.


    Caio: Because I live in Austria? I’m actually Romanian/Egyptian/Hebrew/Jamaican. Trust me, nazis are not my friends.
    Also, most nazis I know, are fundamentalist Christians. Though I’m not an atheist, just because I’m a determinist.


    dieAntagonista: I think it’s more than just a bad pic for Germany. The earrings are really gaudy and she looks like she’s sucking her belly in. The face was definitely unfortunate timing.


    Am I the only one that thinks miss Panama looks more like a mister Panama…


    nyokki: Ah, very nice. Is there anything you don’t understand/ know?
    Haha, yeah but if you stood up there you’d be sucking your belly in as well! I’ve seen her on tv though, she looks less fake when she’s not competing.


    dieAntagonista: Determinism is the philosophy of white power and nothing more. Call it social darwinism, or ‘civilization’ or ‘progress’ or marxism or nazism or the triumph of christianity or whatever. Same shit, different pile. Determinism has always just been a way to justify amorality and bathe in self-aggrandizement

    Anyway Malaysia wins. Iceland should have gone with Bjork guess she was unavailable.


    dieAntagonista: I’m afraid sucking in the belly would not improve my chances much. Although, considering this pic, I prolly could have competed 20 years ago. ;)0


    Caio: People like me were Hitler’s worst nightmare. Do you really think I’d agree with a philosophy if it promotes the elimination of my kind?
    Also, your definition seems biased. I don’t know why you associate determinism with Christianity. You do know how they say God created free will?
    Why don’t you ask me how my belief in determinism affects me? For example I think the death penalty is bullshit. People are machines programmed by the environment in which they grew up. I think they can be fixed. I don’t believe in good/evil, sin heaven and hell, etc.


    1) There are determinist christian sects. The idea first appeared in nextdoor switzerland, but is quite popular with Calvinists, Presbyterians, etc.

    2) Dunno bout Hiter, but You just made a very Mussolini-like statement. Ok, people are machines that can be fixed. In a world without objective morality, what is it about your environment that makes you the arbiter or right behaviour? Don’t even bother telling me because I’m sure your measuring stick will be something that specifically glorifies you in particular.

    You’re no different from Hitler, even if you’re not his colour of choice. The thought process is nearly identical.


    *arbiter oF right behaviour


    Ok, surely I’m not the only one wondering if it’s a coincidence all of them seem to have their jaws permanently stuck open?


    Puulaahi: You posted the image. Why are you talking smack about it?


    every friggin’ one of them- in alphabetical order. but i want to start with Nyokki… 😉


    Indeed… The world can be a beautiful place… 😀


    Caio: For some reason your post didn’t show until now (for me).

    The machine thing was just symbolic to make you understand what I mean. Well you can’t lead a respectable life if you live by a philosophy like determinism alone it’s true.
    I believe in determinism in a scientific way. The brain is stimulated by things and reacts to them. The person has no choice in that matter. To me that means there’s no free will.
    Take black criminals in the US for example. An uneducated person thinks blacks are just usually criminals. Somebody who knows you’re affected by the environment in which you grew up, knows those people are criminals because they grew up in that particular neighbourhood.
    That’s how I apply determinism to my daily life.

    I don’t think every bad thing that anyone has ever done is justified. No. I combine this scientific way of clarifying why people do bad things, with other philosophies. It’s possible you know?

    Why are you so close minded? Only because the determinists you have heard about were idiotic, doesn’t mean there’s not a more decent approach.

    Luke Magnifico

    Unrelated, of course:

    I fucking love bikinis.


    dieAntagonista: do you have a pet monkey ?


    Hey! Where’s Ms. Saudi Arabia..?


    MonkeyHitman: No but I wish I had one.

    I see what you did there. Too bad they do have one

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