Nissan Nuvu EV

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Electric vehicles are the future. There’s no denying it. But if this is what the future is gonna look like, I want no part of it…

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    Why make ugly cars? I can’t imagine any reason why they had to pick that colour. Not that the rest is any less unacceptable.


    I don’t think it’s ugly, just very… feminine. Guys generally like their cars big, lots of shiny bits and bobs and enough decimals form the engine to vibrate panties.
    This looks like something that would come from an all female society. This thing is covered in little flowery things too… ghey!


    how is it that we make electricity again? hmm…. OH YEAH we burn the shit of of a ton of coal. I remember.


    Why make ugly cars? You will have to ask Fiat that question, they own the ugly car market. Ugly electric vehicles are falling into Fiats cruel and unusual trap…


    Fucking ugly, feminine or not. I wouldn’t want my woman driving around in a terrible piece of shit like that.

    Nemo Intermundorum

    I think it looks pretty cool and unusual. ~Futurey~! What you consider to be your badass Hummer would look like an ugly sissy carriage to an early 20th century Model T driver. I mean, it has colors, it’s smoother than a box on wheels, and the seats are actually comfortable. WTF!?


    I’d call it butt-ugly, but it’d be an insult to butts everywhere.


    steering wheel dildo set. very nice. elegance is just so overlooked these days, but not here.


    I fail to see how 10 inch wheels, 20cft of space, 2.3 seats, the dildo steering, the diararia /water colors,etc.etc.. -are practical and SAFE to actually drive on the road. This is full of rainbow. Can’t wait to cut one off-RESPECT the CHEVY!


    Electric vehicles are the future? The electric car already came and went, killed by car companies, the Bush government and of course oil companies.

    Haven’t you ever watched the movie “Who killed the Electric Car”? Watch it, it’s sickening.

    The future they are pushing is Hydrogen so oil companies will have a fuel to sell you…and of course make billions and billions of money on.



    Doctor Thompson

    Hey I like it. Sure the color is ugly as fuck, but I think the design is sweet.


    Wait, did someone just suggest that an electric car is plugged directly into a coal factory?

    Alec Dalek

    What a little faggot car.


    Cool interior, but really ugly exterior. The colors are all wrong too.I want an electric car, just not this one. I bet it doesn’t even go 60MPH too.


    im sorry but if the future is going to look like this.. then i dont want any part on it lmao.. that shit is gross /wrists =,(

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