Mutant K

0908pic2.JPG (768 KB)

0908pic3.JPG (771 KB)

This is an 8th month old 2nd generatin mutant. It starts back with grandmom that was a train wreak x Northern light daddy that produced my clone to which had some trouble starting- added steriods and vola a growth to seed with a neighbors Afgan daddy to produce this mutant K-(I call it that for the Potasium that is needed for growth + other good stuff) You can see what the difference is between two lights 1-SPOTLIGHT TYPE FULL SPECTRUM 2-FLORESENT TYPE CEILING WHITE LIGHT

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    Alec Dalek

    Looks like you topped it. Good stuff!


    My mouth is watering. What a jungle of joy.


    Are those huge white dots the trichomes? If they are those are the milkiest trics i have ever seen but if not i think you got some insect or mold problem going on.



    purple banana

    Mmmm… Delish. I’m a medical patient, I use for nausea control with my IBS, I don’t even have to get stoned, and it works instantly after one small hit 🙂


    well in holland its easy as it gets… walk down the street buy 5 joints come back home sit down have some chocolate milk smoke all the weed (+ bring female = additional feature = different route) type shit on msc and other forums

    pretty much a great day for me


    now if only you could put as much effort into learning to spell




    natedog: haha still the same i see, this is the internet nobody cares if you can spell or not or want to, only people who cares have nothing better to do



    Yeah i figured it was nearing harvest given the size of the cola plus those Trichomes are absolutely enormous. It doesn’t look like there are many of them although or at least if their are smaller ones your camera didn’t grab it. Also Hydro or soil?


    Yeah, that looks nice. I find everyone claims their area has the best stuff. The best I’ve ever had was actually from Alaska…

    …and that’s from a guy who lives in Oregon, has 90+% of the family living in Humboldt, and has been to Amsterdam many, many times.

    You actually pick up the girls there? I just feel pity for the women who have to sell their bodies in the windows all day. Only part of Amsterdam that I thought would be cool that wasn’t.


    well i can tell you man i dont want to sound concieted and all just on a serious note. it depends where in holland. and most of the women here love to fuck and suck they got a couple who pregnant at age 14 or have so much dick u will loose count hehe but they also have the “good” girls too so i could say rough note in the area im living its like 60% freaks and 40% good type.. but every city is different. btw i dont live in amsterdam i live in den haag, a little less popular but still effin nice lol.

    your chances are where these kind of women are in mostly clubs and school and hyves & pp2g (myspace version) im telling you it has so much i think its pussy im inhaling lol but it have it downs


    Truth be told, I’ve sown my wild oats and have a Swiss fiance now. Picking up women has never been a problem in the past, but that was mostly done through networking and having good platonic female friends as “connectors.” To each their own, I suppose.

    I love Amsterdam because for €5 I can get a coffee, a huge quality joint, and a cookie. (Fave is the Jolly Joker. Yeah, I know, it’s a touristy place, but it’s what I like).

    When I see the women in the red light district, I just think how sad it is that they have to stand in front of mirrors all day while men come buy and judge them on how big their tits are, how old, what color hair, if they’re perky enough, etc.


    everything is somebody’s home grown. i lived in ALASKA for 20 years- there is NO SUCH THING as Northern Lights. it’s probably a Northern California hybrid. that’s what I used- and i cross bred it with THAI BUD. that’s no shit.


    Paul_Is_Drunk: well you are right the best women is to have female friends.. as you said networking better than the whole hello nice to meet your routine. couple women up here are yea .. straight foward, they come for what they want no hesitation but not all are like that most are stuck up you know they like to see shiney, expensive cars, those wannabe gangster chicks.. i laugh when i see those in action. and whoa swedish… man you are one happy/lucky man i might go there next year or portugal but hey congrats on the marriage and for the stuff u get for 5 euro .. man thats cheap i pay 10 for just the baggy

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