What kind of fruit tree is this?

2950734462_f78b7fae85.jpg (192 KB)

I know you can graft fruit bearing trees and get lemons and limes growing on the same tree, but this seems excessive, though cool.

Sorry but this was the only size: www.flickr.com/photos/19895520@N08/2950734462

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    Looks like that to me.


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    @diabeetus: dirty troll- keep dreaming..”even”..haha. well i hope ur all ready to see an old white guy panic and try to “win over votes” aka- pay$$$$$ up the ass to bribe and cheat. and eventually rig the election.. awsome.


    i’m sorry – but i was taugh in battle- never give up- never get caught- don’t leave a man behind… i cant vote for a FAIL.


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    Ya know diabeetus, I’m usually pretty easy to get along with, but you are seriously pissing me the fuck off with your rampant stupidity. If you are going to waste everyones time posting your crap, at least make it relevant to the fucking topic at hand.



    Contrary to other polls, some of which show Obama ahead by double digits, the IBD/TIPP Poll shows a sudden tightening of Obama’s lead to 3.7 from 6.0. McCain has picked up 3 points in the West and with independents, married women and those with some college. He’s also gaining momentum in the suburbs, where he’s gone from dead even a week ago to a 20-point lead. Obama padded gains in urban areas and with lower-class households, but he slipped 4 points with parents.



    Well the US of A deserves the 2 years of MacCain added on to six years of Palin…

    I sincerely hope for your sakes Obama gets in.
    But you can’t educate the lesser part of a nation in front of the tube that fast….

    We’re seeing puppets for Pres, and it isn’t going to get any better…

    How long until Corporations go back to running things directly huh ?

    Good Luck.


    I’ve already voted for Obama bitches!


    @gx5000: Palin would make an interesting President, but McCain winning and her taking over is the only way she’ll every manage it. Those that talk about Obama lacking experience and then think SP is a good VP choice—WTF!

    Luke Magnifico

    Diabeetus, you have angered me.

    This could have been an awesome conversation about trees.

    I’m fucking serious.

    Serious about TREES.

    tiki god


    there’s a reason mcs has it’s own forums, so people can post off topic shit to their heart’s desire. Please conform to the comment’s topics and I won’t have to smack you with a hammer.

    tiki god

    @dorix: what is “Lychee”?


    @tiki gor:

    It’s a type of fruit that grows in asia. It’s really good.


    @tiki god: What @Kero said. The fruit look a lot like the strawberry tree fruits, only completely different I guess.


    I’ve never heard of this Strawberry Tree before, and I’m intrigued, and would like to subscribe to its newsletter.


    @dorix: Lets hope the newsletter is not plagued with Diabetus’input.
    @LukeV1-5: Yes please think of the TREES! I will plant 4 pine trees this weekend.. what will u do?


    Yes, it is Lychee and we have it here and in the Phillipeans. The inside is like a citrus fruit and it’s white. It tastes like grapes and is moderately sweet.


    A Faggot Tree?



    Deciduous tree