Perfect Moment

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    That’s what I hate about perfect moments


    Those look like Jessica Alba’s lips.


    Hot girl holding that fortune up for you to read: It’s what we like to call a “subtle hint”. ;p



    The Matrix: Rebooted

    … in bed.


    ThoseStolid: Naw, I don’t think those are man hands. I think they only appear that way because she hasn’t painted or polished her fingernails…

    Personally, I actually kind of like that. A girls hands without all that crazy stuff, like extra long nails, polish, etc… If they’re clean, and neatly trimmed, that’s usually good enough for me.

    She could probably have done with a manicure, but from my perspective… meh. But then again, according to others on MCS I have low standards, so who knows.

    What I really don’t get why so many of them blame us for all the torture they put themselves through in the name of beauty…


    This is actually from, a website for people to anonymously send in secrets, and Frank (the man who runs the site) posts 10-20 every Sunday.

    This was a response to this secret sent a few weeks before:

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