Real reason why Halloween will suck this year

overused-joker.jpg (229 KB)

Admit it guys, no matter how good the movie Joker was, it’ll get out of hand. Just like a decade ago with Scream’s killer.

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    Aw. How pathetic.
    Though if I was a guy, and invited to some lame Halloween party, I’d wanna go as the joker as well.

    Going as the Harley Quinn would be dope, but I have a feeling I’m not the only one thinking that.


    I haven’t even seen the movie yet.


    guilty of being screams killer in the 90’s


    that’s so kawaiiiiii

    Special Kail

    i think the 2nd one from the left on the 1st row and the 1st one on the left of the middle row are the best. The guy with the beard needs to pick something else. The guy on the top row with short hair needs to beat himself to death with the guy with glasses. the rest of them just need to die, and wtf is up with the digital camera guy holding it like its a card?


    My gf’s wanting me to dress up this year and I picked this. Though I wanted to go as the Mark Hamill version, we couldn’t find the clothes for it.. so there’s this one. We just picked up the clothes from a thrift store in town. We figure next year I can finally do the MH Joker and she’ll be Harley.

    Well it was either this or Trevor Moore’s “Pimp” character 😛


    A good friend of mine is doing this.

    I didn’t have the heart to tell him how bad & unoriginal an idea it was.

    Alec Dalek

    I’m dressing up as Stephen Harper for Halloween.


    They should have awards at costume contests for ‘most unoriginal’…I’m dreading this year’s jokerfest…


    This got out of hand as soon as fanboys adopted the movie as their Messiah (before and after seeing it), and woe be unto those who dare criticize it. Reminds me of diehard Star Wars fans still trying to defend the prequels. (Though Dark Knight is obviously superior to the prequels, it’s also really far from perfect.) I just find it sort of sad.


    I knew that this would happen so I’m going as Gene Simmons from KISS instead.


    joker fail… its too easy of a costume

    Luke Magnifico

    My friends and I were hanging out last week.

    And I asked them all to say what their costume idea for this year was.

    There were 8 of them there.

    5 said Joker.

    So i killed them all.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I went as the Joker…4 years ago.

    Yes this year anyone dressed up like that is a massive fucking loser.

    It’s the new Crow. And not too far off in terms of the look.

    Special Kail

    im going as mario from nintendo! ya!

    Special Kail

    that fat dude on the bottom looks like a gay silent bob and the one in the last 2 on the bottom rite… is that a woman?


    Fuck it. i’ve had green hair for about four years. i may as weLL use it…so i can go to the party dressed as…….

    A BUSH!

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