Mario Tattoo

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My tattoo. The kanji means determination. And 5 internets to whoever can guess which band is on my shirt.


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    Blues Nun and The Bad Habits


    That tattoo’s art sucks so hard, I’m sorry man.


    Rage Against the Machine. I’ll be taking my internets now. Thanks.


    You beat me to it =/

    tiki god

    the art is good, I like it, but why does it looks like it was colored in with washable marker?


    I know nothing about music, but I thought my google-fu was dead on.

    What’s this rage against the machine nonsense?


    Its Rage. The angle of the nun on the end on the shirt does not match with the angle from your pic.


    Do I win the internet if I point out your tattoo is fail?

    I’m not sure what they gave you… or if it even means anything.


    I don’t actually know Japanese, so I may be wrong, but a quick browse through – specifically that page – makes me think they gave you the kanji for “rice,” which is also apparently used as an abbreviation for America. No doubt it’s also used for “American.”

    May I just be the first to say “pwned.”


    same kanji, different style.


    its a tie they are taken from the same picture


    Don’t listen to Artfreak. That Kanji is pronounced ‘Nogome’ in Japanese and ‘Bian \’ in Mandarin. Typically this means ‘discernment’ but according to my dictionary it can also represent ‘determination’.

    It’s incredibly rare in Japanese, don’t know about Chinese. Apparently it’s not a word itself but a radical: the meaning is implied through it’s use in another Kanji. Nonetheless it’s legitimate. I’d be more worried about carrying around Mario on your arm the rest of your life.


    Woah woah actually i think it might mean ‘determination’ as in ‘determine, discern, decide’.

    Actually I would get a native speaker to check on that. You might be carrying around the radical for ‘the ability to choose’ on your arm. Not sure.


    waits for obligatory “Mario is gay” comment from AlecDalek


    i’ve uh, never seen that kanji before.
    Also ‘nogome’ doesn’t mean anything in japanese

    Sauce: Native speaker of both languages.

    Alec Dalek

    Gay. Gayer than a “mom” tattoo.

    Alec Dalek

    TunaFish: Don’t you see I’m trying to help you kids. I went through the same damn thing with Pac-Man. Sure without Pac-Man the south would have lost the damn war, but he does not look good on a ball cap.

    Luke Magnifico

    Mario tattoos are midway between fail and win.

    Kanji tattoos are fail.

    Therefore, your tattoo is fail.

    My deepest, deepest apologies.


    : Thank you.
    @LukeV-15: Agreed. Kanji tattoos are fail.
    By the way, if you can’t read it, you probably shouldn’t trust the word of a non-native speaking tattoo artist.

    Luke Magnifico

    Why does the color look all washed out?


    so- does that mean you made it to the last level?


    ..even the nun on your shirt is giggling at Mario on your arm.


    keep your internets


    1) By definition you can only be a native speaker of one language.

    2) You might speak Japanese but you clearly can’t read or write it if you’re not familiar with that fairly common radical. Never seen wakareru written the fancy way? Never used the word Shaku? Suteru? Never eaten topped rice?



    The only thing you proved was that it doesn’t mean “determination”. It means “descrimination”, specifically in the limb of an animal and the separation of the finger and fingernail or claw.

    The following is what I got when I copy pasta’d it at

    The 釆 department (be one of the group that んぶ) classified a/the Chinese character by a/the radical. (No. 19 of the 19th 酉 collections of 7 pictures) that is put to No. 165 in a/the 康熙 dictionary 214 radical.

    《主語なし》”釆” a/the character means that I discriminate. 《主語なし》It models on it to the form that the finger nail of a/the beast is deviding, according to ‘a/the theory sentence solution character’. 《主語なし》When the meaning of the distinction is produced from that the hunter was able to make special the kind of a/the game from the footprint of an/the animal it is assumed.

    That is related to a/the distinction/discretion for the mind charm of the 偏 right-hand radical is shown.

    釆 department gets the Chinese character that has such a mind charm to a/the constitution element. Yet, “the No.” and “悉” are not this department and be put in the department of a/the foot. 《主語なし》Also it is put in this department, because (the ideograph of the nail and tree with the meaning of “the picking”) resemble in “釆” with a/the 楷 book “the dice” a/the character.


    1)Well fuck me Caio, looks like i’m shit-canned to being a “non-native speaker” of languages that i gred up with. What exactly will this even prove? Your e-credibility is now past mine with your wikipedia doctorate?

    2) You’re quite quick to pass judgment. i mean, really, you can deduce from the fact that i supposedly can’t read japanese to that i’ve eaten topped rice? Thank fucking god you aren’t marking my exams.

    3)And so what of 棄てる? Aside from my IME telling me you’re a fucking moron you apparently think finding some online dictionary and ja wiki page should end your argument for you. Did you even read it? Rather, can you even?
    Fairly common? What the fuck are you talking about, i can’t even think of any kanji off the top of my head that has the particle aside from 番 and ç¿».

    4) And why are you even defensive for? Jackass? It’ll take some neurotic paranoia to take what i said as hostile.

    Bollocks, i’m going for a walk


    artfreakwiu: Listen. Dumbshit there said that it wasn’t a real character and I was making it all up so I googled a Japanese site that used the radical to prove that it actually existed.

    Simple as that, weeaboos.

    Hey, here’s a little trick. Change your keyboard, write out any of those Japanese words I cited, and get the character. My Japanese is total crap but even I know 釈 Off the top of my head. Oh and you tell me ‘nogome’ means nothing in japanese but I set my keyboard to japanese, type it in, press space and guess what the first thing I get is? 釆。 As part of a long list. So it “means nothing In Japanese”?So now I’ve proved you are full of shit and you two backtracking? Listen, fuck off n00bs.

    The difference between me and you two: I’m not pretending that I’m fluent in Japanese.


    @Ciao, no reason to go on the attack. Unlike most people that challenge you on here I have no qualms with you on any level. I just said from the start that it didn’t mean determination, and I was right. I never said it wasn’t a character either – I was just glad somebody came in as a speaker of the language to back me up – I wouldn’t know any better than what a speaker of the language said because I don’t really care to learn or speak it. I also never claimed to know any Japanese, I openly admitted I used an online translator.

    Sorry if I’ve offended you in any way, and I’m also sorry to all those out there reading this and thinking I “fail at the internets” just because I choose not to fight over nothing. Mostly I just browse this site for humor reasons, I really don’t care to fight.

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