Gears Of War

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I too could do this all fuckin day. GOW2 is out Nov 7! Credit:

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    tiki god

    jesus fucking christ I hate this game. with a passion.


    I just got Gears of War 2. It kicks ass so far; and I wasn’t even too fond of the first one.


    Hyped piece of shit. First one sucked and the second one will.


    I loved Gears of War. I only wish that it was more single player friendly – since I have no friends…

    I doubt that I will be able to buy the game in Germany because of the graphic violence restrictions on games. I will probably have to bootleg it from England – where pretty much anything goes.


    A game that’s more frustrating than fun, continuously forcing you to repeat sections of it ad naseum, and also features a squad of Monthly contenders for as its protagonists is not a game I’m a fan of. Fuck Cliffy B., the uber-scrote that he is.


    Wow, everyone in this thread sucks at Gears of War apparently.

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