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Find it if you can!!!
Or, if you can find a bunker, then you can find a bridge.

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    Looks like that little loop is so that people can take it around and make a right vs making a left right at the bridge. Keep traffic flowing. Goes under the bridge, and looks like it works for going both onto and off that little island.




    That island kind of looks like a boat. A really really big boat.


    Um, I am going to go ahead and sound dumb– what am I looking for? Is there like some sort of hidden bridge and bunker?


    Is this a part of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel?


    ; That’s an interesting thought, though wouldn’t that work better as a merging on ramp?

    tiki god

    jediadept: I think not, because then only one side could use it, right? this way, both directions of traffic have access to the turn


    @Tiki: Point taken, but wouldn’t it be safer and smoother to have an off ramp on the opposite side and conduct the direction change between the land point and the main bridge?
    Granted, that it would cost just a bit more.

    purple banana

    j_bryon: No, the CBBT is just one long two-way bridge with a few rest stops and two tunnel sections- pretty much like any other large bridge, except very, very, very long. I’ve driven over it several times before, and it’s pretty cool.

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