Baltimore Hospital Architecture

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A few photos I took while visiting Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD.. pretty nice place, really.

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    Special Kail

    architecture? more like smarchitecture… lol

    tiki god

    it’s like it’s a building built under a dome. I like

    Special Kail

    this seems like a good metaphor for the medical/financial situation of America… although it does seem to let in a lot of natural light


    It is a nice place, the hard part is trying not to get shot if you walk there from Camden Yards

    Over 20 of our 176 murders (so far) just between those two points for this year and it’s been a mild year. Here’s an excellent website about our murders (many of them near and around John Hopkins).


    I went to Baltimore a few weeks ago and spent the day in Fell’s Point, including the ghost tour. I’ve been to Baltimore dozens of times (when the Yankees are in town) and had never heard of Fell’s Point. That’s a nice little secret you’ve been keeping.


    Yeah, Fell’s Point cool, its been in a lot of movies and tv shows. Much of Homicide: Life on the Streets was filmed there.

    purple banana

    gor: I’m a long-time Balitmoron, born and raised in the city. Although you bring up a good point, the vast, VAST majority of the shootings in Baltimore are black-on-black gang-related shootings; as long as you don’t walk through Hopkins, Druid Hill, Rosedale, or North Ave. with a Coach purse, high heels, short skirt unaccompanied, and drunk at night, your chances of even getting shot at are pretty low. Even then, if a girl’s doing all that, she’s more likely to get mugged, raped, or stabbed than to get shot.

    purple banana

    nyokki: Fells Point is like the bar haven of Bmore. It’s a nice area (for Baltimore, at least). Try looking up some info online next time you choose to swing by The City That Charm Forgot…

    Federal Hill has some okay places, too. I like Zeeba Hookah Lounge.

    As a side note, I’ve worked for Hopkins as a histology tech, phlebotomist, and a nursing tech on the neuro unit, as well as being a patient there through several procedures… I’ll just say I prefer UMD’s hospital by a large margin…


    gor: purple banana: We were doing the tour and I kept wondering how had I not known this little gem was there. Cool bars, nice eateries and excellent shopping. We went through on a gorgeous Saturday night listening to all the ghost stories (which were a bit silly, but the history that came w/ them were really interesting), then hit a bar that I can’t remember the name of (It was supposed to be haunted w/ dead headless chickens in the cellar).


    @pbanana, I agree with what you are saying and even though my family is multi-racial, if I was to say what you said I would have morons like Caio call me a racist redneck (though I would guess I’m the only redneck whose last few symphonies I went to performed the works of Mozart and Vivaldi, Caio is such an idiot).

    Anyways, I do like Baltimore, the history is really interesting (Egar Allen Poe anyone?), I take my boy to see the Orions play a few times a year, my wife likes going to the Inner Harbor and the museums are really great (I really like the Museum of Techology and the B&O Museum), but the shootings are horrible (even if most are criminals shooting criminals). The bad part is when a bright intelligent person like Christopher Clark gets shot down because he was caught in the cross-fire between two criminals trying to kill eachother. It’s pretty bad when it’s safer to be a combat soldier serving in Iraq and Afghanistan than to be a living in Baltimore.


    I was a patient at that hospital back in 2005. The place was–and still is–pretty damn impressive. The cafeteria food was pretty damn good as well lol.

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