Natty Light

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Let the beer snobbery begin!

I snapped these pictures on a warm summer night about a month ago.

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    where’s that beer from??


    Eh, I prefer dark beers.


    that’s what’s known as water with just a hint of beer flavoring. found on college campuses all across America


    Can’t say much for your choice of beer, but you have good taste in movies.


    Used to call it Nasty Love.

    Put it back in the horse.


    for me new castle is the best beer


    Natty Light is perfect for drinking games. Goes down easy and is so cheap you don’t care if half of it ends up on the floor when some dumb chick tries to play flip-cup.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Like having sex in a canoe: fucking close to water.


    Zasz: Does not go down easy, it tastes like shit. For parties and drinking games, I always buy Lionshead Lager. Comes in bottles, is only about $1-$2 more for each case of 24, is darker beer, and tastes WORLDS better.

    On the other hand, what the fuck is it with so many guys being fucking pussies and liking light, shitty watered down beers? Dark beers are the only real beers.

    The Beer Paradox


    – You’re right, but still . . .

    Beer is like sex:

    Even when it’s bad, it’s KINDA good!


    As I read this I’m watching a bud lite commercial and its selling point is “drinkability”. WTF does that mean, tastes like soapy dishwater?

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