Low Tide?

2938750761_ef2e178c95_b.jpg (649 KB)

I hope.

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    A -40 tide at most or a tsunami is coming.


    I guess it could be on the bank of a large lake at a lower water level, but I doubt it.

    purple banana

    The algae look pretty fresh and vibrant, so I think it might be safe to assume this is really, really low tide…


    Yeah, its a low tide. There are places in Britain that have tide changes like this. Note that all the sailboats have twin keels, which allows them to rest on the bottom during the tide.


    nice pic


    Looks like Lake Lanier on a good day.


    rebelyell- I just bought a sailboat on Lanier, and I ran it aground in the f’n middle of the lake. Haha, got out and pushed it off.


    Reminds me of Antwerp, Belgium. We were told when tying up to rig for 25’diff in high to low tide. Low tide left us sucking mud, High tide had us fishing drunk sailors out of the water that could not make it up the steep gangway.

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