Car paint Job

Reeses car.JPG (279 KB)

This is a new paint Job- the last one was gold and had “Twix” painted on it.

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    I hope Reese’s at least paid for it.


    There’s someone who lives somewhere around me with a Mello Yello car.


    I never did get the facsination with having obnoxiously big wheels on a car making it appear to have a lift.

    “ghetto-fabulous” and all that. I guess it’s like the Scion xB. Some people are just attracted to ugly.


    you are all fucktards if you think this was anything but ‘shooped. at least that Reese’s logo

    tiki god

    natedog: Sadly, I’m nearly 100% sure that’s not a shop. There’s a few cars exactly like this rolling around tallahassee.


    There’s a Corona PT Cruiser that I always see here in WV.


    Ugly car is ugly.

    On the other hand… I’ve seen a car made up to look like an X-Wing in CA, AWESOME!


    Not a shop hehe. I’ve seen a crown vic here in town on 24″‘s sporting the john deer colors and theme.. down to having little yellow tractors embroidered in the upholstery. The work was actually top notch, even though it was ugly as hell. And yes, a um. colored gentleman, was the owner.


    Maybe somebody should start taking pics of all these and send them to tiki for a theme day. 😛


    No definitely not a shop. Out here in Charleston S.C. there is one green one with skittles on it and another with Dora The Explorer. Both are owned by people of the same race as Nelson Mandela

    Kwan Yu

    I know this wasn’t shopped. Its parked half a block from my house. It was gold with Twix on the side.

    Kwan Yu

    Last month There was also a stand off at the house this car sits in front of.


    I’ve seen some like this around my city. Why would you want to pimp out a cheap $5,000 car? These are basically ricers…I mean, luxury rims, paint job, window tint? How does that help the car? All it does it make it look cool…this seems more like a way to spot attention whores.

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