Smexy AK-47

AK_by_jesters_muse.jpg (267 KB)

Wow. Just…wow. Check out the stuffed dragon on top of the desk. Not to mention the open food packages all over the floor.

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    That’s goes for both the “chick” and the rifle.

    Special Kail

    yeah, that bitch is a nasty slack-jawed hag. I like the way he has a “military” hat on, with a “redneck” camo shirt. and a big nasty lump on his lap.


    Kail, that “big nasty lump on his lap”? Are you referring to his gut on his sister-lover hag?

    I think even these two are a blot on the low reputation of the state of Tennesse.

    Special Kail

    gor: Both, lulz. Ah, man… I’m from Tennessee… ::hangs head in shame::

    It’s true, though. This is the kind of scum I encounter pretty much daily… at least it’s not Alabama though!

    Special Kail

    OMG holy shit. I think I may actually know this fuckin douche!! I used to work with a guy named Malachi Mallicoat at Ryan’s buffet. He was all into WoW and was supposed to be joining the army or some shit when he could get his body fat index down. It may not be him, but fuck it’s likely. If that swampbeast wasn’t covering his other arm or if he didnt have that stupid ass hat n glasses on, I could tell better. He was the biggest bag of douche to ever come my way. Fuck Malachi Mallicoat!


    I’m sorry man I didn’t know, please accept my apologize … how about those Titans!

    Special Kail

    fuck football. It’s all good, it’s my cross to bear.

    Luke Magnifico

    Yeah, fuck him!

    Also, that gun looks not-very-real.

    Special Kail

    Probably isn’t if it is him. He was always talking about being into MMA (mixed martial arts) and shit even though he was a fat blob of douche.


    Is that a Nazi flag beside the American flag? If it is, sah-weet!

    Special Kail

    its a tennessee flag


    Kail says sadly.

    Special Kail

    gor: lol


    That girl looks like my sister’s life partner.


    Somebody was touched by daddy in the bad place


    they look a gross way… SONIC?? What the hedgehog box is doing on the ground??


    Looks like Matt Lucas to me


    holy shit it’s toof and his mom!!

    Special Kail

    fuck matt lucas!


    For the poster to call this smexy and tag it as sexy and smexy shows they are a backwards anime-tard.


    The people that find this sexy probably masturbate to movies like Deliverance.



    Ironically enough, the “smexy” tag was sarcastic.


    Pussy is pussy.


    Yo casemods, I think your standards may be a tad low, but if it makes you happy.


    I’m not saying I’d hit it, but pussy IS pussy.


    Klan-worshipping fugly swampwhoring turtlefaced inflation-porn-writing rednecks are…all of those things too. Doesn’t make it anything but trash.

    Special Kail

    for that hillbilly jagoff maybe


    I bet this guy gets more pussy then some of you haha


    They don’t look like a happy couple. There’s prolly a reason for the sunglasses indoors.


    nyokki: That’s because they have been tricked by the media into thinking that people need to be perfect, therefore their expectations of each other are ridiculously high. While they both know subconsciously that they are ugly, and have found an equal looking partner, they still aren’t satisfied, and most likely take it out on each other. My ex and I do/did the same thing. You can tell in pictures that we are not that happy about the other person.


    Whoa whoa

    This is “past” Casemods not calling her fat and actually advocating positively towards a girl’s looks without her looking like some retarded stick insect?

    Because that’s what modern ‘mods does.

    casemods UID# 667

    I never said I don’t like what the media makes girls think they need to look like. I just said it’s evil.

    I have high standards still.


    casemods: I get what your saying but are people really not able to get past the media/celebrity trickery? Hubby and I are certainly not Brangelina (or whatever they’re called), but have been (mostly) happily married for…uggh 25 years.


    Could be brother and sister. Which could explain the horrible mood. Also raises more questions.


    It is Tennessee, after all…


    eskimofreestate: So? I knew a hot ass girl from Tennessee. Very cute, very nice, wholesome.


    Yes, and I’m dating a hot ass girl from Tennessee, while living in Tennessee. I still know there’s pissing in the gene pool down here.


    hellb0y666: thats sonic burgers.. yep his breakfast lunch and dinner i bet.. cause she doesn’t look like the cooking kind. or smart kind.. or attractive… or…or..


    dntfukastrangr: She looks like a stupid meth head tbh.


    its funny I wish I could find out who that guy who worked at ryans was cause I know that malachi guy.


    knoe that malachi guy? more like r that malachi guy. hey everyone,you want to tell this guy off, he plays wow on the silvermoon server. his character is named rexmortus

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