Smash the State and masturbate

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    Special Kail

    lol wut?

    ugly dykes are ugly.


    and I was there…
    Even though I’m a lezboo, most of those people there were vile and very very very fucking retarded…


    Okay, there’s two things I don’t understand here. One, an anarchy symbol. Two, gay anarchist.

    I mean, a symbol denotes a value or gives recognition to an order and anarchy is opposite of these, so to me an anarchy symbol seems to be an oximoron. Also, as if life isn’t confusing enough, why would anyone choose to be a gay AND an anarchrist? I have a feeling these girls have serious “Daddy” issues.

    They also need to plan their signs out better, because they were running out of space near the end there, but I guess that would go against their anarchy lifestyle.


    I am all pro pride parades of any kind.

    But dear god, have some dignity.

    Luke Magnifico

    I am anti pro pride parades.

    We get it, you’re gay, get over it, we have.

    I think we should start having Straight Pride parades.

    It’s just an excuse to have strippers sponsored by the government.

    Luke Magnifico

    And why are they always pink? Pink is a garish, annoying color. Are they calling themselves garish and annoying?

    They are simply reinforcing a stereotype! It angers me!



    Not only do they have a symbol, but they’ve been organized to take part in a parade.

    Anarchy begets order begets anarchy


    Nuke that thing full of AIDS and STDs.


    Anarchists don’t make signs…
    Anarchists do not conform…
    Anarchists cannot organize…
    …they are establishment
    …a subculture at best
    …defining themselves as minority


    gor: Only one of those two things was a choice, mate.


    Gor, I think it’s funny how you describe yourself as a personal-liberty-loving libertarian all the time because:

    1) Libertarian is just anarchism without the mohawks and safety pins.

    2) You’re so hypernormative and socially conservative that you have a little tantrum every time anyone does anything harmless but out of the ordinary.

    It’s a funny sign. Chill out homes.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    I’ll skip directly to step two, thank you.


    The far left are chronically unable to spell and plan signs. See my pictures of the Democratic National Convention protests as proof.

    I didn’t go around taking pictures just of the misspelled and poorly planned signs, I took pictures of all the signs. And I don’t think I left out any of the signs I took pictures of, with the exception of part of one day that I still haven’t finished sorting through. So you should be able to get an idea of how well-planned and spell-checked the signs are. With the exception of the troofers. They’re the biggest nutters of the bunch, but their signs on a whole are properly spelled.


    I knew saying it that way would draw out the douche bags and Caio happily spoke up. Gold Star Douchebag Award for you Caio, keep up the good work. Also, what Canadian dictionary are you using to define Libertarian? I’m all for personal choice, but that doesn’t mean I think all personal choices are wise and are free from ridicule. Like you, I believe it’s your choice to be a douchebag, but I also believe you are an idiot for being one.

    Yes tyger I agree with you, but if I wasn’t Caio baiting I would have said “if life isn’t confusing enough, why would anyone choose to be openly gay AND an anarchrist?”

    I haven’t heard or had fun with the knuckleheaded Canadian for a while, I wanted to make sure he was okay or if he overdosed on his psych meds yet. Sorry for the misunderstanding.


    So… that was your way of telling me you’re not having a temper tantrum?

    I’m not convinced.


    No tantrum, just proving your are a douche. Job done!


    Anarchy is not kids with mohawks and stuff. That is called punk, and it is just a populist fashion, and therefore not a valid form of gubmint.

    Before thou disseth anarchy, one must understand anarchy.
    Anarchy is not disorder. Anyone who thinks this is a ‘tardcicle. Anarchy is the lack of established gubmint. No courts, no judges, no career politicians. If you want to survive, you cooperate. If you don’t want to cooperate you don’t get help. If you want to try and fux my shit up, I can either shoot you in the face or go round up my cooperative posse and lynch you as a joint movement.

    Unfortunately anarchy only works in the stone age, siberia, the desert, and possibly a large raft in the middle of the ocean: somewhere where survival depends upon cooperation.


    Well, in my humble opinion, anarchy can’t good for Caio, since he doesn’t have many friends, I’m sure he would be on the unpleasant end of any face shooting.


    Both ends can get pretty unpleasant, depending on how close you stand. Have you seen what grey matter does to a good pair of white pumps?


    No, but it’s not to bad on flight boots.


    I’m going to continue contesting the idea that you’re a libertarian.

    There are different kinds of conservatives: Small c conservatives, fiscal conservatives, libertarians, religious right, and rednecks basically.

    Libertarians believe in absolute individual autonomy as the highest principle and support the smallest government possible.

    Rednecks are hypernormative, despise individual autonomy and individual choice, understand little about economy or administration, and are defencive and aggressive to hide a lack of real knowledge.

    Now you, Gor, obviously don’t know very much about the economy. And every political/social argument I’ve seen you make runs along the lines of “someone is doing something I don’t do!!! IT MUST BE WRONG!!”

    If it looks like a redneck, and quacks like a redneck, it must be a redneck.

    You are the antithesis of libertarian. Sorry Gor.


    Emo butch anarchist lesbians are scary.

    Lipstick lesbians only please.

    Brevity Truta

    The kind that are putting it on to titillate guys, eh, Puulaahi? The straight lesbian kind? :p

    Haha, nice float!

    Did you choose to be straight, Gor? No. Same for gays, they just are, they don’t choose. Simple!

    “Daddy issues” oh man, I’d get more earnest but the rhyming slogan’s too funny.


    Brevity Truta: Actually it’s the lesbian that plays the “female” in the relationship. So naturally straight guys are attracted to them. The butch lesbos get all uppity toward men, because they are jealous of the penis. I have no problem with their choice. I live in California and will be voting no on prop 8(which is yes on gay marriage).

    Brevity Truta

    That male/ female thing is interesting. I don’t think they’re mimicking hetero couples, just maybe a yin/yang thing with the more ‘masculine’ women pairing up, generally, with the princesses.

    My best friend’s a princess and her girlfriend drives a forklift, rides a motorbike, and yep, you’d be scared of her.

    How can ‘butch’ lesbians be jealous of something they don’t want, they really don’t, (I think those that do are called trans-add your word), and their girlfriends wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole, lol?

    Cool on your vote, dude =)


    Brevity Truta: I work retail and live in a liberal hippy surf town about an hour away from San Fran. Plus we are supposed to judge people by their character not by their um unique looks. Butch lesbians are always moody toward me and my fellow male co-workers. Not all of them but most.

    Masculine lesbians are attempting to be male: speak in a low voice, wear guys clothes and shave their head. Not all are feminist to the max too. How can they not have penis envy? Also lesbians may be lesbians, but they can still like the cock. lol

    I believe in “Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness for all.” Sexual preference included. Blocking gay marriage is religion forcing it’s moral code on government. So the vote is an easy choice.:)


    Puulaahi: I don’t know what it is, but 9 out of 10 of your comments but the hell out of me. You don’t represent “liberal CA” very well… Often you sound ignorant of the state you live in.

    Moving on… Lipstick lesbian is not the definition for the more feminine female in a lesbian relationship. Stop making shit up.

    While there are lesbians (of all flavors) who dislike men, I have noticed that men tend to behave differently with butch females (lesbians or otherwise) than they do with more feminine females. It may be that the attitude you are experiencing is directly in response to something on your face, in your body language, etc. I could be wrong and perhaps you are unlucky enough to have experienced all the butch, male hating lesbians out there.

    You might not be aware, but many of the butch lesbians actually have slightly deeper voices. Their choice to wear the clothing that they do probably has a lot to do with internal wiring than with a desire to emulate you and those who share your gender. Obviously there are exceptions… I’ve met a few of the butch lesbians who are about as real as some of those flaming gay men. *shudder* Thankfully they’re a very small percentage.

    I feel pretty comfortable commenting on this because my mother is a lesbian, legally married to her partner of more than a decade. Several of my close friends are lesbians and while I prefer penis, I am not particularly feminine… because I ride a motorcycle, I shoot guns, I prefer to speak once I have researched a subject, and I’m physically active. Anything I choose to put my mind to, I excel at (except poetry, I fail at poetry).

    Men ignore me, talk down to me, drop doors on me and often make jokes about my sexual persuasion. I do not dress like a butch lesbian nor do I neglect my appearance but my confidence is a huge turn off for a lot of men.

    Before you dismiss my experiences and say, “Well you must be doing something wrong.” All I need to do to change the way I’m treated is go from snug jeans to a skirt and instead of tying my hair up, wear it down. I will walk with the same body language I always do and men will hold doors even when I’m 20 feet away. But they often falter when I make direct eye contact and say thanks with a straight, open smile rather than a demure one. I’ve spent quite a bit of time playing with this to see the different reactions… and the responses are pretty consistent (i could write pages and pages on this).

    On the flip side, the guys who dig smart women *really* dig me. They’re just ever so hard to find because there aren’t many that live in this country. I’m really okay with that. I’d rather have a built in filter for stupidity than have to actually talk to stupid people.

    Sexism is still enough of a problem in the American culture that people who think they are open minded still respond to certain stereotypes in ugly ways without even realizing they’re doing it.

    Lipstick lesbians are the most accepted of the homosexuals because they appeal to straight men. Whatever straight men approve of is what is the norm. Period. That’s why it is more acceptable for women to be into male dominated activities than it is for men to be into female dominated activities. There is nothing wrong with a man wanting to learn to crochet but our society still hates women enough to look down on activities women choose to do as being inherently weak, unhealthy, etc.

    Anywhoo… this got way longer than I meant it to be. *shuffles off*




    Brevity Truta

    That was a good read, outofocus. I agree that people do pick up on body language, so maybe Puulaahi should try being extra nice to the next ‘butch’ that comes in, break the vicious cycle.

    ‘Masculine’ lesbians aren’t attempting to be male, Puulaahi, not in the sense of wanting a penis. And lesbians do not like the cock, that’s the whole point, they really don’t.

    I think the whole “I kissed a girl and I liked it” porn thing is a pandering to that ego thing in men that wants to believe that no woman could really prefer pussy over cock, not when a man buts in on the action. Straight girls have been known to play on that (which pisses real lesbians off no end), and then there’s bisexuals, who really throw a curveball into the mix.

    As outofocus said, it’s a wiring thing. The trouble is that sexist stereotypes are based in real gender differences (that probably aren’t that huge and also that occur along a spectrum – don’t we all know a really nurturing yet traditional older 70+ man, and a really aggressive traditional older 70+ woman?) that have been warped and made into rigid straitjackets for both sexes, so there aren’t good ways to describe people who don’t ‘fit’ the still narrow frames of reference without resorting to confusing language like ‘butch’ and ‘masculine’, or ‘feminine’, words that conjure some truth, but a lot of lies.

    Interesting reason for the vote, guess it works!


    , straights already have a parade. It happens EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR. I’m sure you like all your gays tucked away safe in their closets where they can’t hurt your small minded little existance. They are entitled to the same rights as every other citizen. If you don’t like it, go to some totalitarian state where they are executed. I’m sure you’ll fit right in.
    Fucking narrow minded assholes piss me off.

    . I know we don’t get along, but I expected better of you. You’ve shown a very biased facet of someone who normally comes across as being fairly laid back and accepting.

    . Great rebuttal. I believe you and my girlfriend would get along pretty well.

    @Brevy Brev Brev. Good points as well. That’s the problem, isn’t it? People feeling bound to stay within certain narrow stereotypes and as a result, ending up very unhappy for most of their lives. Guess that’s why so many have parades/protests/etc. But then, I guess some on this site feel that we are all soooo equal already that others shouldn’t stand up for the rights they should already be entitled to by law.


    Belbo: Anarchy can also work in communes/co-ops where not respecting people gets you kicked out, not killed. The anarchist groups I’ve been with (or tangential to) used the consensus model to organize without hierarchy.

    Luke Magnifico

    garbledxmission: You are fucktarded.

    I’m fine with gays.

    I accept them entirely.

    What I don’t like is how the vast majority of the homosexual society bitch about how they’re constantly persecuted by non gays. Maybe society as a whole would be more welcoming of them if they just cut it out with the cliches, the stereotypes and the obnoxious parades. Maybe if they stopped acting like how their sexuality meant that every aspect of their lives had to be governed by their sexuality.

    I don’t mind gay people.

    I mind gay people who simply persist in reinforcing the gay steretoype.

    Luke Magnifico


    Sorry, I left for a while and forgot what I was writing.


    outofocus: I honestly do not have much experience with the lesbian community, admit my ignorance on the subject and I even deserved a bit of your rage. So I am sorry I got hung up on the stereotypes and know better now. Most of my dealings are at work and at times the masculine female of the relationship gives me attitude for no reason and So perhaps my misunderstanding is because of this.Otherwise I am always respectful/nice/body language does not change. I treat everyone the same at work or anywhere. I have a gay uncle that I have a good relationship with and I treat him no different than any other human being. I have not seen him in a while because he lives in NY.I miss him.

    I have a mother and sister too that I love very much and treat with the highest respect.

    I also have many female friends that happen to be very outdoorsy.

    I am not a male chauvinist pig, thank you very much. In fact I like woman that enjoy the outdoors, motorcycles etc. Even prefer women smarter than myself.Unfortunately I am a wee bit too shy. I even do not fancy slutty women that only dress to impress. Shocking I know. So I am insulted that you painted me as such. Women should be treated with respect and dignity. Even worshiped to a degree.

    Sexual identity is a confusing subject especially when society still paints things one way, when it’s indeed another.

    I am sorry if I insulted you.

    Sorry I can’t be exceptional at everything. I do try though. You are lucky to be exceptional at everything. I was born with a learning disability that makes learning a huge challenge for me. I also have a horrible immune system that makes life a day to day struggle at times.Yet I am not hung up on it.I do enjoy learning though. In fact in Elementary School they said I would not be able to handle College, yet I have struggled and earned an AA.Now working on earning a BA degree.I am horrible at poetry too.

    California is a diverse place full of diverse cultures. Sorry if I rub you the wrong way too. I don’t mean too. Half the time I am not fully serious and others I am the complete opposite, but serious in tone. So I understand your confusion.

    Brevity Truta: Sexuality and gender are very confusing in this day in age(not that it wasn’t in the past). I honestly do not treat masculine females any different from anyone else. I am sorry I came off that way. Bad choice of wording on my part and ill informed on the topic.Describing the sexes is not an easy task.

    garbledxmission: I am shocked you have seen me as “fairly laid back and accepting.” Coming from you that is a giant compliment. Especially when all you seem to have is bile toward me.I admit my wrong doing and will choose my language more wisely next time and inform myself more on the subject.

    Luke Magnifico

    I think we can all agree that garbledxmission is just a silly billy.


    . I don’t know what it was about you that rubbed me the wrong way initially, but one thing you never struck me as was prejudiced. That’s why the comments you made kind of caught me off guard. I’m glad it was more misconception than intentional. It’s also cool that you owned up to it. Most on the interwubs are not so willing to admit faults or change preconceptions. And since we are on the subject, I’ll turn my bile towards a more fitting recipient.
    Luke, luke, luke…where do I begin? Your ignorance is only slightly eclipsed by your self delusion.
    Your little statement about being fine with gays, then proceeding to trash them is equally telling about your actual opinions of homosexuals.
    They “bitch” about being constantly persecuted by non-gays because they ARE constantly being persecuted. In a country which promises equality and freedom to all, there are laws openly denying them the same rights and freedoms you and I enjoy every day. In a culture that claims all are free to be themselves and should express themselves and their individuality openly, gays are belittle, taunted, assaulted and murdered for their very existance.
    Those cliches and stereotypical behaviors within the gay lifestyle you complain about are no different than any other cultural behaviors that currently suffuse tv/movies/books/music, yet you claim that those specific behaviors are somehow less deserving of exposure because they are not hetero. Yes, during pride those are taken to the extreme in some cases, but no more than extremes displayed during other cultural events and venues.
    The reason they protest, the reason they have parades is to show they are proud of who and what they are. Proud of their accomplishments. And that they aren’t satisfied to be second class citizens just because some scared, insecure, ignorant assholes think that just because something is different, then it’s wrong.
    You might claim not to have a problem with gays, (and your statements above lay falsehood to your claim), but a large amount of the “society of a whole” you spoke of does.
    I’d be willing to bet that you could take out the words “gay/homosexual” and “sexuality” and replace them with “random racial minority” and “race” from your above post and you wouldn’t have a problem with that statement either.


    That being said, the sign in that picture is ridiculous. Just goes to show that humans can be morons no matter who they sleep with.


    Caio, you look way to deep into some silly shit, don’t you?. Are you always talking like moron, or just here? I’m sure if you talked your pseudo-pyschological crap in real life like you do here, you really would find youself on the wrong end of some unpleasantness. Do you actually take yourself seriously? I mean, most people laugh at you, you are aware of that, aren’t you?

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