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Or it didnt happen

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    Yep. Get photographic evidence or it never happened.

    Er, y’know. If the camera has been invented at the time and all.


    Ive got a pic of jesus as a raptor. Does that mean its true? How could something like that be synthesized?


    photoshop?Dose it count?

    Doctor Thompson

    I don’t need the pics to tell me that if don’t spread the word of Jesus he’ll COME FROM THE FUCKING SKY AND EAT ME!!!!!


    Works for me.


    So basically I never had sex 🙁


    So all of history never happened? The OP doesn’t believe in ANYTHING before photographs, apparently. What a retard.


    It’s a joke, kids

    Alec Dalek

    NoOneInParticular has not a sense of humour.



    My sense of humor is fine – it’s just this isn’t the least bit funny. And I’m not a Christian, I just like history. Just replace the Bible with a book on the American Revolution with the same caption… is it still “funny”? It’s just stupid is what it is. Stupid SOMETIMES == funny, but not in this case.


    “pics or it didn’t happen” is a way to say “I call bullshit” on a posted story, or dunious anecdote. the humor comes from the fact that the bible is fictional, and makes wildly unbelievable claims. no one would post this in reference to a history book unless they were saying that the publicly accepted information therein was false or fictional.

    a failure to already understand this means one of two things: you either have a bad sense of humor, or need to spend more time getting to know the internet before you start commenting on the quality of its memes


    You know what’s worse than a bible-thumper? A non believer…..thumper…?

    Believe what you want.

    If I choose to believe that there is a God, and put my faith in him, and that helps me in my life to be a good moral person… Then I die, what I have I lost? Absolutely nothing.

    If you *don’t* believe, and it helps you to get through your life as a good moral person… and then you die… BUT it turns out to be TRUE (zomgwtf), then what you have YOU lost? Everything.

    Alec Dalek

    mintymadness: Nice try loser, but your ripping off an age old concept called “Pascal’s Wager” which has long since been discredited.
    There is a major flaw in the logic of it. It only works if there is only one known religion. But since there are hundreds, which one is it? Better to choose none of the above than to be a devout christian and find when you die that the Hindu’s or Muslims had it right.


    “Believe what you want.”

    Since when is belief subject to will? Just believe what you believe. I don’t see how one even has a choice.

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