Not so trailer trash

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    Special Kail

    damn… DO WANT!


    Holy shit fucking dinosaurs. That is awesome. But one of the single largest wastes of money I have ever seen.


    Runs on jet fuel.


    I think it runs on hippies tears, not jet fuel.

    Special Kail

    I just hope McCain wins, so the people who own this RV can get a tax break… It must be tough… not paying taxes because you’re super wealthy. Good Going, Regan.


    Special Kail: This actually Obama’s RV.


    We Report. YOU Decide.


    diabeetus: In McCain’s plan everyone gets tax breaks, Obama pisses on your wealth so it trickles down to the welfarees … hrm.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    diabeetus: Am I in an alternate universe? When did diabeetus start posting PRO-OBAMA links? According to that site, Obama is going to cut my taxes over 4x what McCain would.


    -$896 Obama, -$19 McCain.


    I call shenanigans

    The tax cuts for Obama don’t seem to be going in any sort of linear order.


    (Back on topic)

    What, no jacuzzi? Fail.

    Special Kail

    BowToMe: no, it’s not.
    BowToMe: No, McCain’s plan is another stupid ass reaganomic tax plan. get your facts straight before you come at me, fool. Obama’s just trying to level the playing field.

    Special Kail

    btw mccain=fucktard


    Obama (D): -$469.00

    McCain (R): -$952.00

    how about that…im supporting this…


    Special Kail: Haha, just joshing. Voted for McCain today, lets see what happens, that is not a joke.

    Special Kail

    i wish i was rich enough to even consider voting for mccain. Or poor and stupid and stick to nonissues like gay marriage or cloning. (cloning, seriously? yeah. My girlfriends church gave out a flyer with all these things on it and showed who supported what and it was like cloning and a bunch of stupid shit. None of the items were like “knows shit about the economy”)


    Holy crap, is that a TV inside of a TV?

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