Eurofighter over Seville

rspyeurofighteriz5.jpg (715 KB)

Spanish Air Force Eurofighter Typhoon flying over Seville. Interesting places in the pic: Sevilla FC home stadium and Plaza de España (U Shaped building in park, used in Lawrence de Arabia and Attack of the Clones).

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    lol…”European military”


    European Military. As in intensely powerful Nuclear capable plethora of countries, with one of the best specialized armies in the world, including the 2nd most powerful Navy, ground forces, and co-funding the F-35II Lightning i believe.

    And its not even a single military.

    Nothing to laugh at. (besides the french Foreign Legion. lol)


    nice little toy but can it fight? or even fly?


    nobody knows:

    You better believe it. A single Royal Air Force Eurofighter on a test flight met two USAF F15-E somewhere over Scotland nearly 4 years ago. The Eagle pilots wanted to play and started a virtual dogfight with the Eurofighter – and were both “shot down” within minutes.



    So it took the Euro’s 20 years to create something thats somewhat a little better than the F-15?.. wow Congrats… I was in the USAF Pararescure and when I went to Red Flag those “Euro Fighters” were cremed within seconds from our F-22s and FA-35’s (all branches)… Maybe in another 20 years Euros will find something to meet that…

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