New US Army Weapon XM-25

xm25_smartgun.jpg (39 KB)

I know what I’m asking for this Xmas…

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    Its just HK trying to resurrect the oh so full of fail OICW project.


    Dear Christ that thing’s ugly. Wouldn’t you feel embarrassed showing up to a fire fight with one of those. Sure, you might win, but even that wouldn’t be enough to erase the shame.


    Old news makes me so excited!


    I should have gave this a 1 for only 1 image on the link but then again I shouldn’t be so lazy :p

    Special Kail

    I have to say, the article is one of the worst I’ve ever read. It talks about judge dredd all the way through and then, almost as an after though, tells you about the gun. What a crock of shit.


    And it never even mentions the fact that the OICW program was canceled in 2005.

    There’s a more useful link that doesn’t have to rely on references to Sylvester Stallone movies.

    A really awesome, promising weapon if it really performs as advertised….but yeah, it looks pretty weird. Doesn’t help that this picture has it in ACU print, which means it’s only going to blend in with other things in ACU print(except for that one couch).


    This is only tenuously related to the defunct OICW program. The XM line is not exactly the same as the OICW.

    What they appear to have done is to spin off all of the component weapon systems that would have gone into the OICW into individual specialized XM branded weapon systems…

    So this is not quite OICW material, but one of few different spawns of the program…


    for Xmas you should ask for a gf instead. something tells me given the choice you’d still take the gun and run around your neighborhood pretending you’re in CS:S.


    HALO _!!!!!!!!!

    purple banana

    You can’t have that, you’ll shoot your eye out!

    Luke Magnifico

    AgZed: Well if you’re not going to be fashionable, what’s the point in having a war.

    dub_1211: You are bad at the internet.


    Does anyone else think that thing is made by Hasbro? It looks like it shoots orange rubber darts…..


    @Dr.DEvine It does. When a terrorist is hit, he’s out, and has to sit on the sidelines.


    Dr.Devine: ROFL it actually does! It’s like they covered it with a digital camo shirt or something. Look how big the hole is! Haha and plus you can see the screw at the bottom. I’m actually wondering if this is a toy now.


    It’s a smaller version of the guns used in The Fifth Element.


    j_bryon: Nah that’s actually cool, unlike this nerf looking POS.


    Did you even read the article on this weapon? If it works even halfway good as they advertise it to, it will probably have the biggest impact on land warfare that any shoulder-fired, single man operated weapon ever has.

    Yeah, you’re right. DoD dropped the ball big time on that one, though. Sticks out like a sore thumb.

    And as for everybody talking about it “looking like a toy,” or how you can “see the screw at the bottom,” so? Look at any weapons system today and you’ll find screws or bolts. Guess what the number one thing is that’s holding ANY weapons platform together(tank, aircraft, firearm, etc)? Bolts, nuts, screws, and retaining pins.

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