God’s consoles collection

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7 deadly sins: ENVY

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    my first response to this was “there’s a neo geo POCKET there!”


    Two GBAs but no PSP (not complaining, just pointing out), and for the love of god, Jaguar AND New Geo?!?!

    I’ve only had NES, Snes, GameBoy, GameBoy Color, Nintendo 64 and the first Playstation. I quit buying consoles after that. The PS1 still works though.


    I think I love you.


    But where’s the Jaguar? With toilet-seat add-on?


    Is it strange that the old super nintendo one is still the most attractive to me


    You have no Wii, your argument is irrelevant.


    No Wii and no PSP…

    Luke Magnifico

    Guayec: That’s because one of those isn’t a games platform and the other is a really expensive building material.


    Get a MAME or other emulator box going.

    Alec Dalek

    I think god would rather spend time with his girlfriend.


    No Wii, Psp, and of course, no ‘Turbo Graphix 16’.
    Those details aside, Bravo friend.

    Doctor Thompson

    LukeV1-5: owned. yeah my psp bricked, and I haven’t bought a game for my wii since brawl.

    tiki god

    AlecDalek: unless you’re talking about zeus, none of the current major gods have women in their life.


    -Original Gameboy
    -Gameboy “Play it loud” Series
    -Virtual Boy
    -PSX (Not ps1, the psx combo)
    -Portable Neo Geo

    … Should I really keep going?


    ^^by all means, please do.


    Ya, as fun as Wii ‘can’ be, I don’t find myself playing it much. You’d need to live in a house full of girls. Just so many Titles coming out for Xbox now. Force Unleashed, Fracture, Fable 2, Fallout 3, Far Cry 2,…*ahem* Fifa 09? Any ‘F’ titles i’m missing? I guess the ‘G’ titles are set for November.


    Force Unleashed was the biggest let-down of the 21st century. The had an amazing particle engine, physics engine and AI engine handed to them, wrote a story so good that Lucas is considering making it into an animated feature film, hyped it for a full two years, and completely dropped the ball on gameplay. It’s the most frustrating game I’ve played since that Jengo Fett fiasco that came out back in the day. Seriously, Ocarina of Time came out like 10 years ago and has a targeting system that’s better than TFU in every way. Let’s not reinvent the wheel and make it square, OK?

    Personally, I’m waiting for Left 4 Dead. Valve FTW, fools.


    i remember getting a 2600 for christmas when i was 7 or 8. well, my brothers and i got one. fucking one button. ONE


    Pff, no Pong machine. Poser. 😉


    Maybe Force Unleashed is only disappointing when you lack Hand-Eye coordination? Because I haven’t suffered any frustration. I won’t revisit the thing anytime soon, but I played through the game happily. An Animated movie would be amazing. They already have a ton of motion capture and 3d modeling for it. Might as well.


    natedog: I had an Atari 2600 all the way up until ’88 or so. Then I got the 7800(?). I didn’t have an NES ’til the SNES was out.

    One thing I do miss from the old consoles: Joysticks. These control pads can be rough on the thumbs. 🙁


    MrDooves: When I’m looking directly at an enemy, and they have the little blue square on them, why do I suddenly grab an off-screen object when I squeeze the trigger?

    Also, in a game that has hidden bonuses to find, why do I need to go back 3 cut scenes and a mini-boss when I die from trying to explore & find stuff? I don’t want to replay 15 minutes of the game every time I fall off a ledge. The save feature in the menu doesn’t even help, I still go back to the last checkpoint. Give me Jedi Academy any day over this train wreck.


    suicydking: The only thing tricky with aiming, is that the camera is meaningless. You aim with ‘StarKiller’ not the camera. That was a two minute learning curve.

    Also, what fun would hidden bonus’s or special content be if there wasn’t risk in getting it?
    It just sounds like you don’t like challenging gameplay. If you don’t wanna die so much, then don’t go leaping around haphazardly in an incomplete deathstar just for a damn purple lightsaber.


    I, for one, enjoy a game that requires a bit of finesse and precision at the controls. Maybe you should stick with Nintendo titles, they tend to be a bit more forgiving.



    Alec Dalek

    tiki god: Well then that’s a problem. Everyone should have a girlfriend, especially girls.

    teezy weezy

    lots of consoles, shit house.


    what super nintendo? not there.


    What, no gameboy micro? That was a big console flop. I’ve heard nothing about it since it came out.

    Also, whats under the SP? If anyone says gameboy micro i’ll stab them. its the wrong shape.


    It’s the Pocket Neo Geo.

    And Dyna-Mole, it’s right there northeast of the GameBoy Color.


    Am I the only one who noticed the absence of a ColecoVision??


    This man has proudly prevented himself from ever having sex in the pursuit of all these consoles, and we make fun of him for that?

    My friends, we should herald this man for the brave hero that he is. I sure could never do that.


    The sad thing is that they are all pretty much useless with emulators and roms.



    No Colecovision/Adam
    No Vectrex
    No Intellivision

    But it’s still an impressive collection, nonetheless.


    Kurtt: And I don’t see pong


    Pffft… God has the BLACK 360… 😛


    @anybody, really: since when does the supernintendo look like that?

    Luke Magnifico

    Dyna-Mole: Third in from the Megadrive, or as you Americans know it, the Genesis.

    Long live the Sega Megadrive.

    Long live SONIC.


    You’d think God could afford the 4MB RAM expansion cart for the N64, otherwise no Ocarina of Time or Conker’s Bad Fur Day for him.


    I played Ocarine of Time without the expansion pack. No problems there.


    Denmarkian: Don’t forget donkey kong.

    Heh, anybody check out the amazon page for the expansion pack?


    I had no idea it did all that.


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