Politics and Games

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Oh, ok, now I get it…

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    I get it. They are all limited use as they are politicians.

    WTB Linux politicians, or is that an impossibility?


    Shouldn’t McCain be like a crossword puzzle? He’s admitted already he can’t even send an email.


    Palin would be the Nintendo Wii.
    McCain the NES.


    Not going into too much detail here, but you should already know that McCain not using a comp has nothing to do with intelligence, rather a physical disability.


    Atari 2600 FTW!


    I never said he was dumb, just that it was more accurate.



    Yeah, I think accuracy was what the image poster had in mind…


    Well they didn’t give McCain a Wii did they? 😛


    eksbawks is huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuueeeeeeegggg


    Is that the game where you try to get your balls in her cup?

    tiki god

    @Zasz: lol, wat? what kind of disability are you referring to?

    Cause McCain seems perfectly able to write things down, and other then Bob Dole not many people can use pens to write with but not use a mouse to mouse with. I’m of the opinion that McCain doesn’t know how to computer because he’s never had a reason to. He’s a multimillionaire fat cat who gets waited on hand and foot, so why would he be learning how to computer?



    tiki god:
    I assume you ment me.

    Notice how McCain never seems to raise his arms above his abdomen. It’s because he can’t. Not more than briefly anyway. I didn’t want to go all “wounded knee,” but don’t forget, he was tortured as a POW.

    Howie Feltersnatch

    Wow, it’s too bad there’s not some kind of, you know, technology that would allow people with physical limitations to use a computer.

    Oh wait. There are. McSame can’t use a computer because he’s too fucking stupid. Like retards for President? Then vote McSame. You know you already voted for Dumbya twice.


    @ the3_g ipwn:

    From teh Wikipedias: “His wartime injuries left McCain permanently incapable of raising his arms above his head.” Head, not abdomen. I saw him raise his arms above his abdomen quite a lot during the debates. And even if he couldn’t rais his arms above his abdomen, couldn’t he put the keyboard and mouse in his lap? He’s too old for computers. How does I sent email?


    I agree that he could have used a puter if he tried. That said, why would you if it caused discomfort. I mean, we all tend to think that the comp is a necessity, but how many of us would be posting here tonight if it hurt physically to do so?

    tiki god

    @the3g_ipwn: I stand my opinion that if he’s able to vigorously write shit down during the debates, he’s more then able to use a mouse or keyboard to compute the internet tubes.


    how does he telephone?

    tiki god

    SO, obama is powerful, yet doesn’t do anything and McCain is older but can do alot of stuff.


    Yeah, McCain’s fucking retarded. Not like he graduated from a school that would put all of you to shame…


    Obviously, the maker of this pic did not realize how fucking awesome that game ball in a cup is.


    @njch412: Yeah, but only 4 students did worse than him.


    So, let me get this straight,

    The man who believes there is 57 states is the PS3 and the man who believes that in 1929 President Franklin D. Roosevelt got on TV to explain the Stock Market Crash is the PS2.

    That’s right, right?


    one of these will function after being dropped…