McCain Needs Brains!

mccainneedsbrains.jpg (321 KB)

I knew I wasn’t the first person to think of this.

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    Too bad he won’t find any at a political event.



    I thought he was having a cardiac.


    Looks like he’s going more for the ass than the brains.

    I think I saw 4 or 5 pictures on the Yahoo News photos of him sticking his tongue out. YOU’RE NOT GENE SIMMONS!


    Urban Dictionary Word of the Day
    (those fuckers are quick)

    Joe the Plumber
    October 16

    1: a fictional person representing the whole of the people; mostly the lower to middle class.

    2: a political strategy where one side asks the other what he would do for the above mentioned.
    1) man1: did you hear what’s happening to Joe the Plumber?
    man2: yea, they’re increasing his taxes.

    2) man1: so if you became president, what would you do for Joe the Plumber?
    man2: well, i would give him a big taxbreak.


    diabeetus: Fuck you and your link! You think the current guy in that chair knows what HE’s doing?! They’re TOOLS! Btw- Lets hope this elections NOT rigged like the last one! remember? Missing votes- bother is govner of the state. Did you know in some parts of missouri they don’t check ID or anything for votes- so you can just keep voting over and over again..some other butt states too. your local congressmen is who you need to watch!


    “Joe the plumber” isn’t really a licensed plumber and court documents show he owes nearly $1,200 in back taxes.


    So Joe the plumber has more to worry about then his taxes and he is not really a plumber. Joe would make a great politician.


    when did this picture happen?? i watched the video of the debates and at no point do i see john mccain in this position.



    So Joe the plumber has more to worry about then his taxes and he is not really a plumber. Joe would make a great politician.

    Yeah, like the weasel, Obama!



    It was at the end when they were both walking off stage. McCain got lost and freaked out.


    Listen to Joe the Plumber speak:


    diabeetus: I do like how hes looking at his ass and saying brains.. a metaphor?


    shit for brains, ass hat, yeah I see what you mean there


    Obama wants to end the big ass tax breaks for Corps and up the rates for the upper class… so McCain and his goons are freaking out…. the lame ass personal attacks and fabricated lies that are so typical of the Republicans are the last cries of a failed attempt to continue the BS.


    diabeetus, let’s be honest here. Just like the liberals calling McCain a zombie and a senile old man, your stupid rhetoric of calling him a weasel is an effort by either you, or at the encouragement of the Republicans (or Democrats for that matter) to get angry instead of actually talking issues.

    So, in the words of Jon Stewart, “Stop hurting America.”


    McCain IS going for brains, cause Obama’s brains are in his pooper since he thinks things like:

    “If I raise taxes on businesses, they’ll take that cost increase out of their profits.”

    Instead of the reality where the businesses will do one or more of the following:
    A) Raise prices and pass it on to consumers.
    B) Lay off workers.
    C) Lower workers pay or give lower raises.


    jesus christ I’m sick of this. I don’t care who wins anymore I just want it to stop.


    Caio: Please don’t bring Jesus into this.


    : Yes, because if only these companies had a few more million dollars in tax breaks, then they’d do the honorable thing and bring production jobs back to the U.S. or match raises to inflation, or offer decent benefits. Oh, wait.


    Most likely, corporations will first spend even more money to find tax loopholes. That’s the first method. Honestly they’re usually at the very edge of what they’re willing to pay workers anyway, so they won’t lower worker pay, ever. That’s how you lose employees. They also won’t lay off employees after a simple tax cut sine that also sends employees in a panic.

    Barring tax loopholes, most companies merely lose profits, or work harder to get more profits. Most companies aren’t the cutthroat greedmongers you see in Adelphia and Enron.


    Yeah, I got completely off my point through too many edits, I don’t know where the fuck I’m goin’ with that. Let’s start over: ahem.

    Of course they’re going to take it out on their employees and consumers. However, you can give them all the tax cuts they want, if you’re still bending over the public, nobody is buying your product. If you give the public more tax breaks, they’ll buy more, and you’re more likely for the increase in demand to create some jobs. The company I work for right now doesn’t have to hire anyone, because nobody’s buying.


    twosticks: ieattime20:

    You both made good points about the lower pay and layoffs, but I still refuse to believe a company would just let taxes cut into profits and not raise prices to pass at least some of it on. And twosticks, I’m not advocating cutting business taxes more… but I don’t think raising them is a good idea either.


    Corrupted, thief, liar: Obama…..or…..old and dumb McCain, heh im still voting for Ron Paul.

    ?’s Why won’t Obama show his REAL birth certificate?

    Why is he called African American when hes hardly black at all?

    Why does he keep saying he’s gonna tax break 95% of Americans when 35-40% Don’t Even Pay Taxes?

    Why do both of these retards keep attacking each other when they are supposed to be addressing our issues?

    Why do people vote democrat just because they are one, same with republicans when we should be voting on who we think is the most capable of running our country and fixing the issues we face?

    Because we the people forget that congress and the government work for US, but we let them control everything and put corruption and fools in congress and white house.

    WE FAIL…

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