Mac OSX Leopard Wallpaper

leopard standard.png (806 KB)

leopard blue.jpg (997 KB)

Now you can look like you have a Mac when you’re using your PC.

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    Why would I want my PC to look like a Crapintosh?! 😉


    I lol’d at the tags.



    Doctor Thompson

    slickrick: I’m with you, why downgrade?


    Thompson, when you’re switching from a Ferrari to a moldy cheese sandwich that someone already took a bite our of, that’s not called a downgrade. It needs a much more drastic word.


    So now pc’s are better then macs? ROTFFFFFFF

    rigggght, as you click “close” on your pop up spams.


    you are seriously mistaken if you think pop ups, ads and whatever other problems still plague pc’s.

    that shit hasn’t been a problem since 98.

    it takes less than half a brain to prevent any of those problems.


    I have so much shit on my windows xp pro box, and no pop ups. It’s really a matter of intelligence if you think about it.

    casemods’s tip of the day: When or similar key site asks you to install a keygen, don’t do it! There is 60% of dumb kids mistakes that infects computers (heck, I did that to my grandfathers/mothers computer when I used it for a day a couple years ago)


    slickrick: Ditto.

    Gouki4u: Ditto!


    Fuck macs, macs are gay. And inan: is absolutely correct. I don’t even get any valid or advert pop-ups from legit websites cause of what browser I use and how I use it. I’ve never had any infection on my PC that gave pop-ups at all.


    That wallpaper lasted about 2 seconds on my Mac.

    I’ve got a PC and Mac and I’m happy with both. The Mac OS is noticeably more stable than Windows but I still get it to crash on occasion. I think Windows on my machine doesn’t run well partially due to the fact that Sony sucks. The bugs I’ve had, even with reinstall of XP pro (using original discs and a “borrowed” release of XP), are bugs I’ve never seen on any other windows machine.

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