Captain N: The game master

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    Alec Dalek


    tiki god

    no u


    This was awsome- didn’t he fire the Nintendo gun? a small crew of delinquents- always finding trouble- it actually worked. great show.


    yeah, this was a great show! of course he had the zapper, maybe even the power glove! I remember watching this on saturday morning, then pushing that NES power button and hope I would get sucked into the game…but finding out I was actually still in my house is what sucked

    tiki god

    pew pew?

    actually, if I remember the zapper properly:

    clack clack


    I NEVER HAD THE POWER GLOVE- wasn’t it just a controller on a glove? Remember pushing the game slighty to the right or left to get the fuckin thing to stop blinking! i miss intelevision- bump’n’jumps the shit. and lock’n’chase.


    Hey had a controller as a belt buckle, and
    They rode around in Nintendo cyberspace on a giant Gameboy. Wicked.

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