Sadko in the Underwater Kingdom

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Sadko in the Underwater Kingdom

…a painting by Ilya Repin depicting Sadko, a Russian folk hero of a bylina of the same name. A merchant and gusli musician from Novgorod, he is transported to the realm of the Sea King. There, he is to provide music to accompany the dance at the marriage of the King’s daughter (scene depicted here). The dancing grows so frenzied that the surface of the sea billows and surges, threatening to founder the ships on it. To calm the sea, Sadko smashes his gusli. The storm dissipates and he reappears on the shore. The story inspired both an opera and musical tableau.

Artist: Ilya Repin

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    What effort did it take to snag this from Wikipedia?I thought this site was for more original content.At least more offbeat content.

    Brevity Truta

    Nyoki submits so many wonderful images, the kind that make you wonderment about the world, enlishelectriclightning.

    I enjoy art, and can recognize a lot of artists/ works, and had never seen this.

    It’s a beautiful painting; from the time of diving bells, and the artist’s captured the light just-so. I wonder if he imagined it from peering into the waters, or went down and looked? I like the story, too.


    @Brevity Truta: ummm enjoying art and their works is like saying i like books and can recognize a lot of authors but have never seen this book before. have you been to a library and realized how many books you haven’t read or block buster and seen how many movies you haven’t watched. also capturing the light just so says absolutely nothing, i think these words captured my ideas just so.

    Elevator Jellyfish

    I know this painting from a book I have on Symbolists. His work’s pretty startling, whether seen as an art work or not. This is the kind of otherwordly stuff that comes out of places like Russia or China every so often.


    @asdf: You’re a dumbass.

    Brevity Truta

    Well, at least you aren’t disputing that nyoki posts great images, asf. Hm, but art is totally visual and books aren’t, and movies take a lot of time to watch. I wasn’t meaning to sound like I knew it all. No way, it’s a huge field. Many artists are anonymous. I can tell a Turner from a Redon, though. Have you ever been underwater? It’s got a certain kind of light … painting’s all about capturing light. Would you like to continue in a more insulting vein, asdf, or are you trying to kindly point out where you think I’m… Read more »


    I was all ready to stand up for nyokki’s honor (not that you need me to, I’m sure!) but it seems Brevity has it under control.

    nyokki posts the best non-original content on this site. Period. Not every image can be a neat door someone found that says ‘confined space’ on it in safety yellow.


    picasso and pollock didn’t attempt to capture light and i think they were painters. sorry i was trying to dispute this sentence “I enjoy art, and can recognize a lot of artists/ works, and had never seen this.” not compare books to visual but the fields of art with libraries. one painting sits in the giant field of art, and a book/video sits in a library. kinda similar? and this one “light just-so”. he captured the light perfectly for under the ocean and dancing with gods? why not write that then just so?

    Brevity Truta

    Suicydking, not surprised you agree on Nyoki’s contributions. To be fair to englishelectriclightning, he or she did appreciate the Neuschwanstein Castle image just below, also submitted by Nyoki =) That’s true, asdf. Painting isn’t all about capturing light. That was a silly thing to say. The thought behind that original comment by me was “Hey, here’s something I haven’t seen, posted online.” Like when you go to a doctor’s surgery and see waterlilies, or sunflowers; online you often see the same paintings. So, the library I was thinking of isn’t so large as the one you’re thinking of. I can… Read more »


    @asdf: You look at pictures, you know a lot about pictures, you think that makes you a genius and you arrogantly flaunt the expertise you think you might have.

    Howabout this: Incidental decorations are meant to be pretty and are of no other relevance.

    And yeah, obviously, someone whose read a lot of books hasn’t read a small fraction of *all books ever written* likewise someone who knows art hasn’t seen a fraction of *all art ever made*.

    People understand this because they use common sense. Try it sometime.


    *who’s, just because you seem like the hypercorrecting type, asdf.


    I like this. It has boobs.

    tiki god

    @Brevity Truta: “Painting isn’t all about capturing light”

    I agree, but then sometimes I see what some painters are able to produce with light in their pieces, and I’m awed.

    @nyokki.I must confess that I have been familiar with this painting for many years.I did take it for granted that it was more renowned than I thought.

    Brevity Truta

    Hehe, Caio, I was kinda floundering delicately there, eh? =)

    That kind of skill is awesome, Tiki. I think I like light-capturing paintings in a special way. Sometimes I look at things and can’t even tell what colour they are. Things like hills and the sky at dusk.

    Funny what we take for granted, isn’t it, englishelectriclighnting. I guess if you know something that makes an impact, it’s easy to think everybody does, or should know it too.


    writing class. obviously it’s not working very well

    Brevity Truta

    Writing class. Hehe. And suddenly everything became clear to him.

    You’re reading with an eye to good fiction, asdf; how is that your writing class not working? Now we know why you were approaching my posts that way, it all makes sense.

    I hope it’s fiction you’re learning about. ‘Just-so’ would only work in a piece of fiction as dialogue, really. It works for a casual messageboard post, though.

    The library analogy part; I like the common sense approach there.

    Chin up, and keep at it.

    Brevity Truta

    Chin up, and keep at it, yes, yes – avoid cliches like the plague.


    I like!


    the only way to talk shit about Nyokki here is gettin kicked in the nuts. this went in the mahspace.


    @Dyna-Mole: Ditto. Nyokki posts some of the best stuff on here…