Flying Chipmunk

Flying Chipmunk.jpg (176 KB)

This is a picture of a chipmunk from a wildlife rehabilitation center I volunteer at and it just so happens that you often have to watch out for flying chipmunks. Them shits are dangerous.

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    get it?


    dag. go to hell diabeetus. You had to go and ruin a perfectly good pun with your douchebaggery. Would it be a pun or a turn of phrase?


    Just ignore “first”… and it will go away.

    Special Kail

    first: No, dude. Eat a dick. You’re obviously diabeetus. Thing is, when he does it it’s less annoying than when you do it. For a while I admired your tenacity, but when you lose you don’t even say anything.

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    Who: i c wat u did there

    Special Kail

    first: They actually don’t suck that bad. It’s fun to first every now and again. But shit. Let the up and comers have a crack at it. Like poor Who up there. He had a clever little thing goin there and you ruined it. You’re not some activist, you’re not doing anyone any favors. You’re simply advocating nazi-ass censorship bullcrap. Go suck a bag of dicks.


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    Special Kail

    Fucks sakes guys who could possibly care about any of this? How could it possibly matter to anything?



    there. i proved a point too?


    no because you were only nine




    Wait….You’re pissed at someone and their imaginary friend? My brain hurts…


    SO.. About the chipmunk… i was going to say Hummingbirds are dangerous too.. but now whats the point. LAST.


    Flying or hovering… Looks like it’s hovering to me… Like a landspeeder chipmunk… Betcha those’ll bite your ankles out from under you…

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