Instant Heart Attack Snack

instantheartattack.jpg (100 KB)

I guess you could use this as zombie bait or something…
I sure wouldn’t eat it.

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    Alec Dalek

    Must be a misprint. Just seems unlikely that a product would have overly excessive amounts of cholesterol, but be low fat. Heck, even the Sodium is in acceptable limits.


    It’s not a misprint, eat up!


    Brains are extremely high in cholesterol. Ridiculously so. It’s another reason why, even more so than for other meat, they aren’t food.


    On the plus side it’s only got 150 calories.


    Oh shit. I sense vegan.


    I rather eat pork brains than decend into the 7th level of Hell, known as Vegan.


    phil: Meat is food. Our bodies are made to digest and process it. You can choose not to eat it all you want, but make sure you have your facts straight about it. Put the PETA propaganda down.

    Luke Magnifico

    But PETA propaganda these days is hawt nekkid wimmen.

    I would prefer not to put them down.


    You don’t have to put the hawt nekkid wimmen down, just keep the duct tape on their mouths when not full.


    Not all hot females are good for you, just look what happens to the Black Widow males who find them their females attractive.

    Is there really any difference between the fate of those horny males spiders and becoming a Gaia worshiping vegan? Except for the spider’s honorable death I don’t see any (at least he didn’t become a vegan).


    I love that link, especially the downsides of eating it. “It is very high in cholesterol”

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