Hot Air Balloon Horror

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    Special Kail



    I heard about this on the news. Sad. But at least its a very unique way to die. 🙁


    that’s hot


    mr ballooner, you’re doing it wrong.


    the sky is falling ?


    This is what happened in Roswell in the 1950’s.


    With all the balloons that fly low over Albuquerque this time of year, I’m surprised this doesn’t happen more often. There is a hill directly behind my house (actually part of our property) with a flag pole on top. One year a balloon flew so close to the ground that I was able to talk to the pilot without having to yell at all. He was 20 feet away from me at most. He cleared the 6 foot chain link fence by about 3 feet. It was close.


    20 feet? so if he was able to clear the fence with 3 feet then thats nine feet….. youre about 11 feet off with your estimates.
    and whats the flagpole got to do with anything?

    Luke Magnifico


    I don’t think you’re thinking of diagonals.

    Imagine, if you will, a Pythagorean triangle. Our mutual friend wookie is at the point, “a”, of the most acute angle. Now, the balloon is 9 feet above the ground, the fence plus the 3 feet of clearing space. The distance between the ground and the balloon is |bc|.The 20 feet between wookie and the flying man is therefore the line ab, or the hypotenuse. Wookie is standing approx. 18 feet from the base of the fence.

    tiki god

    @LukeV1-5: you science makes my head hurt.


    i see what you did there.
    and tiki, its okay


    The flagpole a bonus hazard? catching powerlines and trees is easy, balloons do it every year here. impaling your ride on a flagpole? that would be unique.

    Luke Magnifico

    @tiki god:

    You LIE!

    My basic (but maybe wrong) mathematical practice is SWEET ECSTASY to you!


    I’m confused. Is the balloon going up in flames, or is it going down in flames?


    : At the time of this shot, was just starting to come back down. fire started at the powerlines approx 50ft off ground, gondola and envelope went up a few hundred feet then came back down.