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    Special Kail

    it is the inevitable paradox that any who claim first repeatedly will invariably encounter a nemesis, who must beat them to first. Thereby, turning said nemesis into his own worst enemy.


    He looks trust worthy. who would not pick him up. i know i would.


    Nothing to worry about. I would pick him up. The axe has a long handle. How the hell would he swing it in a car. Besides,… my sig p220 is probably much more effective.

    Special Kail

    plus, he’s not trying to hide it. He’s just a poor, lost lumberjack who can’t afford to leave his axe.


    Yeah, nothing to worry about. I’d pick him up. Especially if he had it strapped to his back. That would be cool…

    Luke Magnifico

    I think, if he were to wait for you to pull entirely to a stop, he could get in two full axe swings before you got away, especially if he had practice. One swing for your windshield, the other for the part of your head where your face is.


    I stopped for a gentleman who looked just like this. Turns out he was looking for someone in particular and fortunately, I knew the person he was looking and gave him a ride right to their residence! Hope that worked out okay.


    What, it’s just a bottle opener.

    Brevity Truta

    He’s not a lumberjack – no suspenders and bra. Glad I know my facts, and how to stay safe from crazed hitch-hikers.

    tiki god

    has no one really asked what that is on his hip?

    Brevity Truta

    Yeah. What is that on his hip?


    is that a holster on his hip?

    Luke Magnifico

    I think there is a holster on his hip.

    For a gun that shoots axes.


    A gun that shoots axes? What a wuss. A real lumberjack would be lugging a chainsaw launching bazooka…