Sarah Palin with a gun

Palin.jpg (42 KB)

I find women with guns very sexy.

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    Yea I do too. I also find Pailin attractive.


    I guess I’d tap that.


    That guy looks scared. Is it fear for the future of his country, or because he realized the kind of moron that is standing next to him with a dangerous weapon?


    It’s more the face of one who was expecting certain doom, but then realized there’s no clip in the gun. It’s the face of pure joy and happyness.


    I mean happiness. Don’t wanna get will smith rage.


    You mean magazine. I understand what you meant, but gun nuts will go off on you for not knowing what a clip is.

    This woman was taken moose hunting before school. I can imagine she knows how to handle a firearm. I too learned from a young age how to handle a gun.

    Hate someone because they’re an ignorant creationist who can’t handle interviews let alone world affairs, not because they can handle a gun.


    Man i wish i was as bad as making jokes as you guys.




    And Paul, I wasn’t claiming she didn’t know how to use a gun, that’s probably worse actually that she does. Unpredictable and armed idiots who know how to use weapons.

    Alec Dalek

    I can hardly wait until the name Sarah Palin is forgotten, like that inexperienced chick Bush chose to promote to the Supreme Court (what’s her name?)


    You, sir, are my new hero. Intelligent about firearms, yet still room for questions and intellectual observation. That’s rare…
    {tear of joy}
    Normal people still exist…I thought it could never be true.


    Never claimed you said she didn’t know how to use a gun. I was just stating the point that there are probably a great number of people who will equate her gun usage with her other negative traits.


    Also, thats not a live weapon. Its a modified M4. Those 2 cables are running to a computer. Shes in a simulator.


    You know, on one hand I don’t want McCain to win. On the other, if he does win it’s going to be pretty fun making fun of Palin for 4 years, so it’s not so bad.

    Here is a picture of some Mavericks:



    Thats the look of a Battalion Commander when a politician decides to drop into Iraq/Kuwait for a visit and it’s his job to suck their balls/vagina, asskiss and keep them from doing something absolutely fucking retarded.


    15 comments and no one is bitching about trigger discipline

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    That’s cause its a simulator.

    But ya usually people here bitch about trigger discipline.

    And ya its an M4. Which is like an M16 except they’ve actually been used in the past 20 years. M16’s have not.


    mAgnUS BUTTfoorson: The M16 is actually still used by some Army units, although the M4 has definitely become the mainstay.

    It was pretty widely used at the beginning of both conflicts, and I think that a lot of Marine units still use it.
    This is a fairly recent picture of a Marine who had a pretty close call.

    tiki god

    mAgnUS BUTTfoorson:
    who cares if it’s a simulator or not. that’s the whole point of the simulator isn’t it? to teach people not to put their fingers where they shouldn’t be. You know, before they get a real gun with real bullets in it.


    it’s the gun she uses to shoot Russians from her front porch. DEFEND AMURIKA.

    Luke Magnifico

    She is hot.





    The M16 is on the A2 variant and is still very much in use throughout the military and police/swat units. The M4 is an adaptation which is known for shorter barrel length allowing to CQB in an easier fashion. Have any of you held an M4 and an M16A2 service rifle? The M16A2 is pretty hefty, ~8 lbs without a mag, and longer than a sumbitch. I wouldn’t *prefer* to have an M16 vs. an M4 if I were chasing someDurka Durka’s through a few houses, if I had the option. M4 is almost 6 inches shorter in length.


    Its not real. That’s an Engagement Skills Trainer (EST) weapon. Shoots at a big projector screen.


    mintymadness: It’s actually on the A4 variant at this point.

    The Dude

    I might find her sexy as hell in a milf type of way but do I think she is capable of running our country? Well I guess so if you consider another crooked candidate for president.


    EVERYBODIES MISSING THE POINT- shes NOT in the kitchen!!!


    four kids = saggy boobies and stretch marks.



    storminator wins thread.

    Brevity Truta

    Well, maybe she does (and a mind like at least an aluminium trap), but then Storminator after wearing those pvc hotpants for years on weekends probably shoots blanks.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    What are the major advantages of the M16 over the M4? Are there any?

    I’ve never seen one in use.


    More like a mind like an tinfoil trap.

    Her vag must be just WRECKED. I mean if she had another kid it’d probably just fall out of her while she was hunting more moose and she wouldn’t even notice until the umbilical cord caught on a branch.


    mAgnUS BUTTfoorson: I know your question wasn’t directed at me, but I’ll answer it anyway.

    The M16 and the M4 are essentially the same platform. As minty said, the major difference is in barrel length with the M16 having about 5.5 inches over the M4. This gives the M16 better accuracy at greater distances (about 300m or more).

    The main advantage of the M4 carbine rests in its compact size. It’s length, even with its stock fully extended, is about 33 inches. The M16 is closer to 40. As I said before, the M4’s barrel is shorter at about 14.5in, and the M16’s measures in at 20. All that being said, the M4’s a couple of pounds lighter than its ancestor. Basically, the M4 just gives the user a much more compact, manageable weapons platform for the urban environment.



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