Gamer’s weeks

Gamer weeks.png (668 KB)

This is an advertisement of a German pizza delivery service. At the moment they have the “Gamer’s weeks” with:

Pizza “Pro Evolution Chicken”
Pizza “Need for Beef”
Pizza “More Chicken” (in German, it’s a pun on a formerly very popular free shoot’em up game called “Moorhuhn”, but nevermind)
Bagel “Resident Bagel”
Pasta “Call of Noodle”


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    I’ll bet that Need For Beef pizza will look the same coming out as it did going in.


    hmm…germany ftw?


    This has to be some of the ugliest looking food I have ever seen.


    awww, c’mon, who doesn’t love corn all over pizza? it’s the most natural thing in the world.


    Is the meat Need for Beef chopped in little bits or is it me just seeing corn and jalapeños, and no “beef”?


    It’s ground beef. It’s the brown shit in between the yellow, green, red and white shit.


    What, no marshmallows and pineapple?

    bright green

    This is what they fort for in the war.

    They only wanted to share with Europe.


    Fort for? What have their fortifications got to do with fast food?


    It is difficult to photograph (or film) food and have it look good. You have to “color” the food and use lighting so it comes out right, similar to what supermarkets do in their meat section. Otherwise you end up w/ menus where the food looks less than palatable.

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