Chinese Apartments

2049.jpg (453 KB)

Reminds me of SimCity for some reason.

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    Does it zoom out with each picture? Either way, I hate china, this is disgusting.


    Reminds me of dystopia


    Wow, I thought living in NYC was crowded.

    Also, you’re slacking diabeetus, no “first” on your own posts?


    I dunno. I think it’d be nice to live in a place like this. There’s kind of a symmetrical beauty to it all and also you probably wouldn’t have to get to know your landlord very well. I hate smalltalking with landlords.

    Alec Dalek

    At least they don’t shoot people in the dick.


    Most of these pictures are from Michael Wolf’s “Architecture of Density” collection.


    I was going to say that some of these reminded me of Hong Kong.

    I don’t think I could handle living in that situation… if anything, because I don’t see how they could possibly control any pest infestations. I live in a house turned into an apartment building and even with monthly treatments, the issues are never ending because some of my neighbors are fucking pigs.


    At least they have housing…


    Ah I love China oh yes. How can you not fall in love with such extremes. Oh yea talk about feeling mediocre.
    In a society like that, you will only get noticed if you’re really successful or pretty damn amazing. That’s the main reason I would wanna live there
    for a while.
    Just to see how much it would provoke me to live
    up to my full potential.

    Brevity Truta

    They remind me of termite mounds, the kind we get up north:
    something that’s not original, comparing the way big cities are like insect hives, just the way they’re not surrounded by smaller buildings really reminded me.

    Plus, pastels, I like that. Apartments are alright if you have a balcony. I don’t like being glassed in.


    AlecDalek: Who shoots people in the dick? did i miss something at lunch?


    This *is* SimCity. The Chinese Government knows how to play real life SimCity very well…

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