Bed Design

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    Think it should be “Bad Design”


    Omg you’re right.
    The world makes sense again.


    Snobs. Next you’ll be telling me you sleep on feather mattress like you were the Queen of England.


    fuck you- that’s where i sleep


    Is this London Heathrow? I seem to recall wandering into something similar when I was passing through there once, and given the veritable cornucopia of bad design that is LHR, it wouldn’t surprise me.


    -“I’m only paid to make stairs- not to think”

    @CAIO- last weekend I slept at the fountain on Market st. San F. by the civic center.. where were you,biatch? (P.S. thanks for the name- you gave it to me and spawned my world.)


    This is actually a really good design. Its the next level in skateboarder deterrents.


    We all know there used to be a wall there and/or they made a fake wall for this picture…


    Flappy cunt you need to steady your mind a bit. Learn to focus. You have a lot of potential but you’re all over the place.

    Would you like me to link you to some websites on meditation. I’ll really help you find your centre man.

    Lord Cocksworth

    “centre”? Holy shit is Caio British? Or did you just do that because somebody mentioned London.


    Canadians can spell properly, too.


    Caio: 1-centre, your canadian arn’t you- don’t worry, i was once of red maple blood. Then peer preasure prevailed and im a fuckin dumb american now.-you know public schools and community colleges..2- I did study meditation -Buddhism and such. Though much has been lost to poor quality american drugs. I think thats the main point- too many = all over the place. Beer is now my friend- but he’s not allowed at work 🙁


    Allthough- I do keep a sticky-note with two sides- 1- is prophets-those whom wisdom can be entertaining. And 2- the FAILs -whom share no wisdom of time and space- and should get off their parents cpu.
    Caio, Diabetus, Paul is drunk, -these are a few of section 1.
    There are amany of section two.i will let those know.

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