Ronn Scorpion Hydrogen fuel supercar

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Upstart Exotic Hydrogen fueled sports car maker Ronn Motor Company is Beginning to take orders for its 450 HP twin turbo 45 MPG super car.
First year production is limted to 200 automobiles and scheduled to to begin early 2009

* Scorpion Price: $USD 150,000
* Limited Edition Scorpion HX Price: $USD 250,000
* Production Reservation $1000.00

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    Middle picture:
    “lol ^_^”


    I want to be at a safe distance but still able to see the car the first time it gets hit hard enough to rupture the fuel tank.

    It’ll be a pretty cool light show.


    Wow, thanks to Wall Street suits, I can afford the production reservation.

    tiki god

    this is a go nowhere technology for vehicles. the real money is at the 100% electric ones that you just hooked up to some kind of energy source, either the city grid or some generator, possibly gas, diesel or hydrogen.

    last thing I want to do is drive around in a hydrogen tank.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    @Marrock: No it wouldn’t. Hydrogen gas isn’t particularly explosion. Significantly less so that gasoline fumes. A fuel cell doesn’t even combust in the traditional sense, its a catalytic reaction that occurs at room temperature.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    I’ll add that the problem with hydrogen gas as a fuel isn’t that its explosive, its that it has a low energy density and that it leaks.


    @reboot: Who said anything about an explosion? As I recall, the Hindenburg also made a really nice nightlight and that was full of hydrogen. Hydrogen is a dead end as a fuel primarily because there’s no real distribution network like there is for other fuels that can be adapted for alternatives, like biodiesel. Another factor is the amount of energy it takes to crack water into hydrogen and oxygen in amounts that would make it a viable fuel. Electrics are a possibility but then you still run into the costs of generating the electricity you’d need to fuel it. Personally,… Read more »


    anyone noticed the car is HORRIBLE!!!! I just wouldn’t buy it, who cares what it runs with… or the obscene price…


    I’ll buy a 100% electric once they drive faster than 30 MPH and have a decent battery shelf life before charging again. The current electric cars cannot drive cross country or on the freeway or even non residential areas.


    it’s like, I want to have sex with it, but I know it won’t respect me. . .


    Hydrogen powered cars are a horrible, but not for the reasons I’ve read here so far. The problem isn’t exactly storage (though that can be problematic). The problem is the amount of energy required to actually PRODUCE the liquid hydrogen. You have to use energy to separate the hydrogen gas from whatever compound it’s locked in. Then you have to use more energy to either cool or compress they hydrogen until it’s a liquid for transport or use. You then have to spend even more energy to keep it cold or you’ll have loss at the storage site. All of… Read more »


    It looks like it was designed in 1995

    General X

    Why does this “zero emissions” car have four tail pipes?


    @wookie_x: And guess what, we have the ultimate energy source for all of that. You’ve at least seen the sun, right? That makes the energy required for hydrogen creation and manipulation no longer a problem. It’s all to do with the storage at the minute.

    Loughborough have developed a Hydrogen powered bike, with a range of 100 miles – mainly limited by the storage. Google ‘Hydrogen Bike Loughborough’, or see the video on the BBC (if it lets you).


    apparently when they say “zero emissions”, emissions must be supergeek code for steering wheel, because I cant seem to find and type of directional control mechanism in this picture…


    @General X: The term “zero emission” is a misnomer, a hydrogen fueled engine still gives off water vapor as an exhaust gas, while hardly harmful you still need a way to get rid of it. @thecowsays: By the time something like this is a viable form of transport, cars will either be thought controlled or driven by some form of central traffic computer. They’ll also have it rain beer every saturday night, marijuana will be legal, along with prostitution, And the economy will be so strong by then there will be no real need for money, everything will be free.… Read more »