How Come He Gets Horses?

bushputin chess.jpg (153 KB)


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    Jesus Christ

    This made me go all 🙁

    But I lol’d.


    I am completely bewildered on how we slept while G.W. and his puppetmaster Cheney drove the bus for eight years.
    Completely… Utterly… Bewildered.


    Some of us weren’t asleep… in fact some of us were screaming in the ears of those who were. A fat lot of good it did, though.

    Also: Bush’s head looks shrunken and slightly twisted. Or maybe that’s how he actually looks.


    glad you said it. i wasn’t sleeping either. grrr




    Well, Palin will do better,

    She can see Putin from her house!


    I cried a little.. because it’s true

    Special Kail

    You guys are ignoring the issue. Why DOES he get horsies?


    Perhaps we just couldn’t believe that we (well, not me personally, but…) would have elected such a complete moron TWICE!

    Luke Magnifico

    You know, it’s alarming how many people claim to have been anti Bush from the start, and voted against him….

    I mean, you’d think if they were all telling the truth, that he would not have been reelected.

    I ain’t sayin’ nothin’.

    Except that you are a nation of lying liebags, made of lies and deceit, who lie to look good on the internet.


    I don’t give a damn what anyone says to it, but I voted for him. Both times. Would I do it again? Yes. Go ahead, flame. I don’t care. You don’t matter. See, your vote didn’t matter, and neither do your opinions.

    I do like how his head seems to be at the end of an incredibly long neck, or that it’s attatched at the side of his face. Funny pic and quote, very much lol.


    He DID lose the “Popular” vote, even WITH the electronic voting machine rigging; and many that had voted for him ONLY did so out of fear and because we were in an occupation.

    When I said ‘We’ were asleep, I was speaking of the U.S. in general; many people were upset with what was going on, unfortunately and ashamedly, there was no catalyst to focus the frustration and we were lethargic, hence “Asleep”.


    LordPartyTime sure told us. I am sure he would vote for Bush a third time, if he could. Just to prove that we are all wrong and he is right. God must have spoke to him whilst chewing on an Idaho Spud.

    LukeV1-5: I am sure a great number of Bush Supporters lie about their vote out of shame.

    Than again, America is a large country full of diverse opinions that are as diverse as the geography itself. America has it’s problems, but so does any other country. Country made of lies? The government definitely, but the people are as genuine as anywhere else. Nice generalizing there Luke.

    I doubt Bush knows how to play Checkers. So Chess is a given.



    …you are a nation of lying liebags, made of lies and deceit, who lie to look good on the internet.

    lol… Whut? Dude… I did NOT vote for the monkey we have running the oval office right now… and nobody I know (I mean literally NOBODY… Which may not mean much since I’m not the social type, but still…) did either.

    So either those of use who voted against him were the minority, or the elections were fixed… The way our elections work make it all too easy to do. Pick one. Any one. I’m betting either answer will be right… >:(

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