November 1st Theme Day

After the resounding success utter failure of October 1st’s theme day, this next one is going to be a little easier for you guys to grokPets.  Cat, dogs, lizards, snakes, birds, spiders, lemurs, ferrets, turtles, squirrels or anything else that you have enslaved for your own petty amusements.

When you post your picture of your perfect pet, please have the title formated in this fashion: “My Pet [animal type] – [animal name]”.  So if I were to post my puppies, I’d have: “My Pet dogs – Abby and Zeus”.

Also, I’m thinking of giving out money for theme days in a 100% arbitrary fashion.  Opinions?

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    I just submitted two for you.

    Arbitrary cash is great. Better would be if you handed it to the first submission for theme day.


    Hmm… roommates count as pets, don’t they?


    Ah yes. Of course. My cat is much sexier than my ‘computer workstation’, so this is gonna be easy.
    And no. I don’t think you should give out money.
    At least not for this theme day anyway.
    Maybe if it’s one where it takes some effort to take the picture.


    Whatever you want, dog.

    Although my pet died when I was 12, thanks for bringing it up!


    Beer is better than money.


    I like money.


    “Unlikely Potential Cash for about three seconds of work.”

    Point to the downside people.

    Jesus Christ

    I just submitted a post consisting of two pics of my cat. I have two other cats but one is kind of a bitch in the bad way and the other one has a stupid-ass name because my brother named it Smeagol.

    And my ferrets are dumb. ):


    Ferrets ftw!

    I has one. He r t3h cute.


    I really dont like these theme days, can we limit them to like, 2 per year tiki?

    “post your workstation”, “post your pet”. these are overused, why don’t you just go over to myspace and start pulling pics from all the random 14 y/o camera whores? surely their randomness will satisfy your need for overused internet topics…


    I thought the “theme day” October 1st was Lindsay Lohan!

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    0dbm: God forbid we generate original content.


    I like money…just don’t interupt me when i’m ‘batin


    I don’t got no pets, but I has a photoshops.


    Yeah, I have no ‘workspace’ worthy of taking a picture of. It would have honestly been a waste of life to take a picture of it, so sorry about that, But I have me some pets 😀


    Ah yes tiki-we need to “grok”. I lerrned sumtin new buts ills postes piktres of me animals. WTF- engrish fuckers.


    hmm…I don’t own a pet, guess I’m not participating in this one either.


    good idea tiki
    i loves money


    Shit, I put the type of dog.


    I think we should post Halloween costumes as a theme day at some point.

    That could just be me, though.


    imandynan0: I’m too broke to get a halloween costume :\


    What’s the latest I can submit pics. I found an older dig camera, so I can now take pics…yeah!


    Submitted a couple. 🙂


    I’d like cheezburger instead of moneys

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