How Ghillie Gets Laid

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    No you are not first!


    garbledxmission I am really touched that I am on your mind enough that you would put something like this together for me.

    Did Caio and/or that little bitch Snow help you with this? If they did, please say thanks to them for me.

    Oh and BTW, I do prefer my women to have bigger boobs.


    Tagged under: date rape, trolling.

    Best tags of all time.


    Hey, if the woman didn’t want to get raped, then why did she breathe? Psh….


    garbledxmission, baby you dont need to be coy with me. Im just touched that you thought of me.

    You should know about about big tranny boobs since yours were pressed against the floor of your double wide as I was stroking your tight little ass with my nice hard cock…..and I quote’ harder ghillie, use my ass, use me like the little cock whore bitch I am’

    Any one care to guess why his handle is garbledxmission?

    tiki god

    ghillie: stop it, you’re making me hot.


    ghillie: W..t..f…

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