Funky Green Concept Cars

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Psychedelics on wheels…

From Wired Magazine

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    Ok… I was originally going to say “Hey, none of them are the color green,” but then I saw asdf’s comment and had a minor epiphany. Remember that one image not to long about about the progression of /b/ on 4chan? Well, I have a feeling, if people keep doing the shit like “First Post!” or “#1!!!!!!!” that this site is going to have a similar progression. I mean, it started out as a site with a respectable internet persona (and still is for the most part, except for the day of Lindsey Lohan) but if people keep on doing… Read more »


    Mystik is spot on.

    Sorry to say Tiki, but you were prescient in your previous post about /b/ and 4chan.

    Unless something changes soon, this site is about to jump the shark.

    Nothing good lasts forever.


    Meh, so far it’s just restricted to the first comment on each pic. As far as it doesn’t go beyond this (aka, no “2nd!!” or “pi!!!” crap) it’s not too big a deal.

    Of course, maybe the fact that I mentioned this will lead to that. =/

    Anyways, as for the pic, I love those types of threads. The kid deserved it, since you don’t need photoshop to cover up a few white dots.


    The red one is the best, i wanna see it split into two bikes like in TDK.


    Uhm, wrong picture buddy.
    I thought the same thing about green, but then I remembered, Green as in environmentally friendly.

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